Winson's Hostel
in Jialeshui, Kenting

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Winson’s Hostel in Kenting, has absolutely all the aspects or “requirements” to be considered the best “beach house” in Jialeshui. Just in case you didn’t know, Jialeshui is one of the two best surfing spots in Taiwan (the other Taiwanese surfing mecca is Cheng Gong, north of Taitung, on the East Coast.)

surfing in jialeshui kenting taiwanJialeshui, Kenting, has some of the best surf in Taiwan!

Winson House's reputation is very solid among local Taiwanese and expats. Travellers have been coming here from all over the world for many years in search of peace, relaxation, sun, ocean, and great surfing!

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For my wife and I, staying at Winson’s Hostel in Jialeshui is our ultimate escape from our hectic business life in crazy Taichung. Since opening Pizza Rock in 2011, we’ve been taking more and more trips down south to Kenting to surf and relax at the beach, and whenever we can (meaning when it’s not packed) we sleep at Winson’s House in Jialeshui.

winson's house bnb kentingOur balcony

What we love about Winson’s Hostel in Kenting:

  • It’s right in front of the ocean, just a 2-minute walk from the best breaks in Taiwan.

  • It's in Jialeshui, the quietest, cleanest part of Kenting Park.

  • The staff is super attentive and friendly.

  • The staff speaks English.

  • The rooms are comfortable and clean.

  • Rooms have a balcony.

  • You can hear the waves while falling asleep.

surfing in kentingRuby, me, and my surfboard
  • Offers surfing coaching and equipment rentals.

  • You can meet surfers and international travellers.

  • The coffee is good.

  • Simple but delicious breakfast is included.

  • There is a laid-back, beach vibe like at no other place in Taiwan.

  • It's only 15 minutes away from Kenting Town by car.

  • There are racks for surfboards, and free water to clean your wetsuit or take a shower.

You can check room price and make a reservation at our favorite hostel in Jialeshui, Kenting right here!

winson's house in kenting taiwanComfortable living room

Winson's House Address

 No.246, Chashan Rd., Manzhou Township, 947 Kenting, Taiwan

Getting to Winson's Hostel in Jialeshui is quite straightforward. From Kenting Town, head south on road 26 all the way to Jialeshui. Winston's House will be on your left, just 200 meters past the bridge. From Hengchun, take country road 200 inland until you reach Jialeshui. 

If you want to get to Winson's House in Jialeshui, Kenting from other parts of Taiwan, you'll first need to travel to Kaohsiung by train or HSR, then take a bus to Kenting or Jialeshui. 

Other pictures from Winson's House

kenting hostel breakfastThe breakfast is included

The included breakfast is quite simple but delicious. It consists of eggs, toasts & butter, a light salad, bacon, and fresh fruit. It comes with coffee or tea. Not too filling - perfect to surf!

kenting beach house

I have problems falling asleep sometimes and for me it's really important to have a comfortable mattress and pillow, as well as clean sheets. Winson House's beds meet these three criterias!

The bathroom is big and clean
jialeshui kenting taiwanJialeshui Beach

This is Jialeshui Beach where surfing conditions are some of the best in Taiwan. Winson's House is located in the tiny white cluster of buildings at the end of the beach, near the base of the mountains. 

taiwan friendsRiding scooters with friends in Kenting

Last time we stayed at Winson's Hostel, we met a nice Dutch couple there, and we rented scooters with them and rode around Kenting National Park. We were blessed with superb weather!

jialeshui hostel

Winson's Hostel also has a very small menu with drinks and light snacks. If you need anything else, there is a restaurant / cafe next door which has a bigger selection of foods and beverages. If it's still not enough for you, just head back to Kenting or the other beaches on the way to Kenting where you'll find 7-11s and plenty of restaurants.

Book your room at Winson House today!

I highly recommend you spend a night of two at this wonderful hostel in Jialeshui. Your vacation in Taiwan will be enriched by the experience... I guarantee it!

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