Who's the crazy guy behind Taiwanese Secrets?

Hi, my name is Ugo, and I am originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I first moved to Taiwan in the summer of 2000 to rock climb at Long Dong climbing crag in the northern part of Taiwan, to learn Mandarin Chinese, and to travel around this beautiful island.

Over the past 17 years, I've had the chance to explore most corners of Formosa by motorbike, car, public transportation, and even hitchhiking. 

Top of Jade Mountain (Yushan)

I've traveled across Taroko Gorge more than 50 times, visited Kenting National Park even more. I've driven every single road and ridden every single path on the island multiple times. I've trekked the highest peaks, walked along wild rivers, taken boats and airplanes to the outlying islands, encountered wildlife, felt dozens of earthquakes, hiked in typhoons, dealt with the police, government and mafia, had 5 motorbike accidents, jumped from bridges, cliffs, and waterfalls, climbed trees, made a fool of myself (both drunk and sober) in public far more often than I'd like, and even became quite successful in business during this mad adventure.

In 2011, I opened a restaurant with my wife in Taichung, it was an instant success, and now we have 13 locations all around Taiwan. You can read the whole story about Pizza Rock here.

Here are a couple of pictures of me in Taiwan:

Riding in the Central Mountain Range
Climbing Guanshan
On a train between Taipei and Hualien
Bouldering at Hehuanshan (Mt. Hehuan)
Taking a selfie at a traditional Taiwanese parade
Oyster time with Ruby at Keelung's Miaokou Temple Market
Acting gangsta with my pal Josh at Yanshui Firework shitshow
With Ruby in Fulong
Knocking on heaven's door?
Riding with my mom in Taichung
Surfing in Hualien
Wedding picture, 2011
Making pizza at Pizza Rock 3 in Taichung City

So this is me. And this is my website about Taiwan. I am not a travel agent and I don't offer tours or services around Taiwan. I just built this website because I have a deep love for Taiwan and I want to share this wonderful island with the rest of the world. I am really hoping you'll find useful information to prepare for your trip to Formosa! Enjoy! Have a safe trip!

Note about updates (or lack of):
I would like to sincerely apologize for all the obsolete information which is found on this website. I try to keep all the pages updated as much as possible, but there are more than 500 of them, and information, prices, locations change at the speed of light these days.

You should only use this travel guide as a reference and not make any solid plans based on the information you find in it.

Thank you for your understanding!


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