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Where is Taiwan?

Locate Taiwan on a map. Find out which countries are Taiwan's neighbors. Understand what is the relationship between Taiwan and China.

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Where is Taiwan? Find Out Now!

  • The island of Taiwan is located in East Asia, in the South China Sea.
  • Taiwan is 180 kilometers away from China's southeastern coast.
  • Taiwan and China are separated by the Taiwan Strait.
  • Japan is Taiwan's neighbor in the north.
  • The Philippines lie to the south of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan is at the same latitude as Mexico and Hawaii.
  • It is on the tropic of cancer.

Where is Taiwan? (and other common questions)

Where is Taiwan? tops the list regarding Taiwan's location, but I get many more interesting ones every day from curious visitors. Here are some of the most common ones:

Taiwan has its own elected government, its own currency, its own national flag, its own federal capital (Taipei), army, postal service, passport, and tons of other things that an independent country is expected to have.

Taiwan is an island in the South China Sea, very close to China.

Is Taiwan a city? Where is Taiwan city?

No, Taiwan is not a city and I've never heard of Taiwan city. You're probably referring to Taiwan's capital city, which is called Taipei! Taipei is located in the northern part of the island. It has lots of nice attractions such as temples, museums, and memorials.

Is Taiwan an island or an archipelago?

Good question! Actually Taiwan isn't just one island. The main island of Taiwan is surrounded by other smaller islands. The biggest ones are, Matsu, Kinmen, Penghu, Green, and Orchid Islands.

Is Taiwan part of Japan? Is Taiwan in Japan?

Taiwan is not in Japan and it is no longer a part of that country. Why no longer? Japan ruled (occupied) Taiwan for 50 years, between 1884 and 1945. Japan has played a very important role in Taiwan's history and to this day, many aspects of Japanese culture can still be found throughout Taiwan.

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