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Where is Hong Kong City?

The short answer is that it's in China, Asia...
but there's more to it, so read on.

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So where is Hong Kong exactly?

Plan on traveling in the Far East? One of the most spectacular places you must see is Hong Kong City. Where is Hong Kong exactly, you say? It is located on China's south coast between the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea. It's a very short flight from Taiwan or Japan.

Hong Kong is about 1,104 square km's (426 square miles) and is no doubt one of the most, if not the most, densely populated place on the planet.

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Where is Hong Kong / History / Relationship with the PRC

Formerly a British colony, Hong Kong is now a part of the People's Republic of China. It is known as a SAR (Special Administrative Region) and it uses a different currency than the Mainland.

When you visit Hong Kong you will use the HK dollar. (You will need Yuan for your time on the Mainland. Even though HK is a part of China, you will need a different visa to travel from there to China.)

Hong Kong is populated 95% by Han Chinese, the same ethnic majority found in China and on Taiwan. In 1997 when Hong Kong changed from being a British colony to belonging to China, some people worried about how this gargantuan, westernized, capitalist island would function under Communism. Things were changed much less than people feared, however. 

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One country, two systems

The situation is known as "one country, two systems" because Hong Kong maintains its own political system with an independent judiciary functioning under common law. Its constitution, known as The Basic Law of Hong Kong, proclaims that HK will be autonomous in almost everything except in foreign relations and the military.

What to see in Hong Kong City?

With fabulous architecture that displays the best of modern skyscrapers, Hong Kong City also has a beautiful harbor and other modern monuments worth seeing. You will fly in over the harbor and you can see a view of the entire massive city from Victoria's Peak after a short bus or ferry and then tram ride. Many of the monuments you will want to see are free.

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One place not to be missed is Temple Street Night Market. It is open from 4:00 pm till midnight, and since there is so much there to do and see, plan to get there before dusk.

A nice agenda would be to eat at one of the many restaurants and then look at the stalls of all kinds of goods. You'll have the chance to visit uniquely Chinese fortune tellers who can read your face or your hands or cast the Yi Jing for you, and then buy a traditional Chinese tea pot, and a chop with your Chinese name inscribed. You might also have the terrific chance to see impromptu Cantonese opera performed on the street.

Where is Hong Kong... In conclusion...

So next time someone asks you, "Where is Hong Kong?" be sure you can tell them not only where it is, but that you have even been there! Hong Kong City is one location in the Far East that is not to be missed.

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