Visa-Free 30-Day Permit (easy to get!)

by Karla


I am in Taiwan for 35 days... and kind of thought that as a German citizen I would not need to apply for a Visa. So I did not ;-)

It is probably no good idea just to stay longer. How much is the fee if you do so? So it is probably best to fly out and come in again, and then I got my extension, that is the way it works, doesn't it? Do you know which airports would be easiest and cheapest to reach?
I would be grateful help!

Thanks for that useful homepage anyway!


Hi Karla,

I don't recommend you overstay your permit.
It might be very difficult to come back to Taiwan in the future if you do.

You can get a round-trip ticket to Hong Kong with Mandarin Airlines for around 8000NT$. You can get another visa-free 30-day permit when you come back in Taiwan. You can do a visa run in as little as 6 hours. You only need 1 hour in Hong Kong to get on a flight back to Taiwan.

The fine for overstaying your permit might be cheaper, but it's really not worth it. Don't close the door on Taiwan... We all end up coming back here for one reason or another eventually (wink)!

Good luck!


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