Ugo! it's a great site

by Echa

Hello there, Ugo! it's a great site you have here... i am sooo thankful that i googled something that directed me here. It has so many things that I can't seem to find anywhere else.

See, I am new to this Formosa island, and reading your first impression and point of view of this place is really like reading my own journal LOL, I am so stressed out that people here don't speak English while I don't speak Mandarin either (as you may consider, I fill" Indonesia" in your "country" box which means my first language is not english nor mandarin) so I am still in the desperate stage for now.

You said that it will occur for a year or two, I'm not sure it is a good news or a bad one since I plan to spend just one year studying chemical engineering here (I imagine that this first year I'm gonna be tortured all over as hell...LOL)

Anyway, thanks so much for your wonderful and helpful site. I do hope this site can be one of the most favorite site of traveller's guide about Taiwan...

bonne journe,


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