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You can compare flights to Taiwan in many different ways. Shop online, call different travel agents, see if you could get a package that would include hotels, or a rental car... The key to finding the best deal is looking around!

Airports in Taiwan

Taiwan has four international airports.

Taoyuan Airport - formerly called CKS airport - will most likely be your point of entry if you are traveling to Taiwan. It's located in Taoyuan County, about 50 km southeast of downtown Taipei. It takes about 40 minutes to reach by bus or taxi.

taipei airport, taiwan

The 2 other international airports are located in Taichung and Kaohsiung, and only have flights to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Domestic flights to other major cities in Taiwan and to the islands of Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu leave from Songshan Airport. That one is right in Taipei city.

Read more about International Airports in Taiwan.

Taiwan Flights - Which Airline?

China Airlines and Eva Airways are the island's two main international Airlines. China Airlines is well known for its awful safety record and Eva Airways for it's outstanding service.

Asian carriers will always give you more options on the schedules and usually offer cheaper flights to Taiwan. More info on Taiwanese Airlines here.

Travel To Taiwan From The USA

Northwest flies from Detroit and connects in Osaka, Japan. They are usually very cheap, but I cannot recommend them. I have flown with them twice and both times I was disappointed. I have talked to many other travelers sharing my opinion. If price is the only thing that matters, know that their website offers good promotions most of the time.

Asiana Airlines has good flights to Taiwan. The connection is in Seoul, South Korea. I flew with them once. From what I remember, there was no extra charge to stop in Seoul.

From Canada

I'm sad to say this but... Air Canada disappoints big time! Go on any airline reviews website and you'll see that about 60% of the people who fly with them will agree with me. From lost luggage to disrespectful flight attendants, and from warm expensive beer, to watery coffee, they will make sure you regret every penny spent on your ticket.

Cathay is a much better option, and they fly through Hong-Kong. Eva also has frequent flights straight to Taipei.

From Europe

KLM has a direct flight to Taipei from Amsterdam. That route goes all the way to Bangkok so maybe you could get yourself a nice little trip to Thailand for "almost free". Cathay covers Europe at length. One stop in Hong Kong.

From Australia

If you're making your way from Down Under, check out Cathay, Malaysian Airlines and Thai Airways.

Flights To Taiwan - Other Things To Consider

Make sure you are eligible for a Taiwanese visa before you book your flight. You wouldn't be too happy if they refused your application. Some tickets are 100% non refundable!

Check out the weather forecast if you're going to fly on short notice, especially during summer. Typhoons can sometimes disturb air traffic and delay flights for few days. Or worse, the flights aren't canceled, because according to some computers, the storm hasn't reached the "too dangerous to land" threshold... yet! I don't wish you that experience - especially not aboard China Airlines!

It reminds me... I once had to do a quick visa run to Okinawa. There was a tropical storm in the area but... I had to go. I was at the end of my visa-exempted permit. We flew in circle over the small island for an hour and headed back to Taiwan. We just couldn't land. I had gone into international airspace - they let me back in the country at Taoyuan Airport! And I got a refund from the airline company. How cool is that!

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