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TEFL in Taiwan Salaries

How much money can you make
teaching English in Taiwan?

"The average pay for a first-time teacher is NT$600 per hour,
which is a little under US$20, or around 14 euros."

TEFL in Taiwan - How much cash can I score?
tefl in taiwanFor many young English-speakers, graduating from college means one thing - paying off student loans. So, the question of salary becomes all-important when looking into future job prospects.

NOTE: TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

In Taiwan, income can depend on a number of factors. Some schools pay for prep work and administrative tasks, but others don't. Most schools will pay you a bit more based on your experience, and even more if you hold a Master's degree. Some are starting to give incentives to keep English teachers around, such as increasing pay for each year of employment and giving contract signing bonuses.

For the most part, TEFL work in Taiwan is paid hourly. This might seem strange to you coming from a country where teaching is most likely a salaried position. Being an English teacher in a private or public school will definitely have a set salary in Taiwan, but the buxibans, or cram schools, will nearly always be hourly.

TEFL in Taiwan - Seriously, how much will I make?
The average pay for a first-time teacher is NT$600 per hour, which is a little under US$20, or around 14 euros. Mostly, a full-time position will give you between 25 to 30 hours of work, meaning that you will be looking at around NTD$60,000 per month before taxes.

Some teachers are workaholics and have a number of private students on top of their normal teaching schedules (bear in mind this is technically illegal, but widely done). Private tutoring, if done right, can be extremely lucrative. Some private teachers bring in NT$1,000 or more per hour based on their good reputation and wealthy clients.

"If you move to Taiwan with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work a lot, you could make as much as NT$150,000 per month, before taxes."

TEFL in Taiwan - Confusing tax laws
That brings us to another point - taxes. Taiwan's income tax is 6 percent, insanely low considering they give you free health care and awesome public transit. However, there is a fairly confusing tax law that applies to foreigners specifically and can make you lose out on a lot of cash.

IMPORTANT: In Taiwan, foreigners who have lived in the country for less than half of the calendar year get taxed at 20 percent instead of 6. This means that the government counts the days you have physically been in the country from January 1 to December 31. If this number is less than 187 (about half of 365), your taxes jump from 6 percent to 20. Handing over an additional 14 percent to the government can mean thousands of dollars from your pocket, so do your best to make sure you exceed the 187-day limit.

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