What's the Best Place to
Teach ESL Abroad

teach english abroadThere's never been a better time to teach ESL abroad!

And there's no better country in the world to teach English as a foreign language than Taiwan.

Teaching English as a foreign language in Asia has brought me freedom!

Whenever I travel around Asia, I'm often asked how I can manage to have so much free time and money to travel.

If it's the first time you land on this website and you're not familiar with me, you might want to know (to fully understand this article about teaching ESL abroad) that I take - on average - 12 trips a year around Asia to places like Thailand, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, South Korea, Vietnam...

The people who ask me these questions usually have great jobs back home in North America or Europe. They make decent money, have a house, car, some cool toys... but they can only afford to have one vacation a year!

"I teach ESL abroad!" is my usual answer.

Most people usually follow with: "You teach English in Japan?" (90 percent of people assume that the best place to teach ESL abroad is Japan - which is so NOT true!)

"No. I teach English in Taiwan."

"Taiwan? Where is that... Isn't that a city in China."

teach esl abroad

Some info about Taiwan

No, Taiwan is not in China, but we're not going to get political here, let's stick to our core interest: Why is Taiwan the best place in the world to teach ESL.

If you'd like to know more about Taiwan, feel free to browse through this website - it has over 400 pages that will give you all the knowledge you need about Formosa (Taiwan used to be called Formosa.)

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Why is Taiwan the best place to teach ESL abroad?

  • Taiwan is a democratic country where you don't have to feel uncomfortable to share your ideas and express your values freely.

  • You can make awesome money. Some teachers make up to US$4000 per month teaching ESL at kindergartens, English centers, afternoon schools, and by giving private English lessons. Some ESL teachers with TESOL / TEFL degrees make even more than that.

  • One of the highest concentration of teaching positions overseas is in Taiwan. Long gone are the years of "Japan is the best place in the world to teach ESL abroad".

  • You do not need teaching experience to become an ESL teacher in Taiwan. Many schools are happy to hire brand new teachers.

  • Taiwan has both modern cities and countryside with mountains, forests, beaches... Teaching ESL abroad isn't just about making money, it's also about loving the place where you live. Taiwan has something to satisfy every kind of personality.

  • The cost of living is very, V-E-R-Y low in Taiwan.
    What's the point to teach ESL abroad if you cannot enjoy yourself and if all your money has to go into lodging, eating, transportation? In Taiwan you can teach English by day and have plenty of fun by night and on weekends (or save a lot) because you DON'T have to spend all your hard-earned cash on accommodation, food, and transport.

  • You don't need a teaching degree!
    Most teaching opportunities abroad require a university degree in education. Not in Taiwan. To legally teach ESL in Taiwan and to get a work permit, the only thing you need is a university / college degree (in any field).

The reasons why Taiwan is the best place to teach ESL abroad are all over this website. I have been working and living here since 2000 and I simply have no intention on going anywhere else anytime soon.

If you want to teach ESL as a foreign language abroad, make sure to seriously consider Taiwan - it's really an amazing place with tons of attractions, a rich culture, and friendly people!

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The best English teaching jobs abroad are in Taiwan!

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