Taiwan's East Coast

by Dominik
(Longmont, Colorado)

The most beautiful part of Taiwan is the east coast.

The road that took us from Taipei to Taidong was SENSATIONAL! There are actually two roads that link these two cities, number 9 and 11. My wife and I drove down the #11 and we got to see some pretty stunning views over the ocean and down the cliffs by the road. It was freaking scary at some places. A favorite along that stretch is Hualien city and the surrounding beaches. Taroko Gorge is also another good one to visit. It's close to Hualien and we visited it in an afternoon, but more time would be better.

A recommendation for adventurous people visiting Taroko Gorge is to walk up the river down the gorge. When we were there, the current wasn't too strong so we didn't need to be fully equipped. We didn't have wetsuits, helmets, or a rope. Just good sandals.

There's also some "hot springs" in Taidong, in the south. Our guide book (the Lonely Planet 2007 edition) didn't recommend to stay in Taidong. We spent 2 days in and around the city and we had a lot of fun. Taiwanese people were warm and prices were reasonable. We stayed at a B&B on Chungsan Road, but I can't remember the name of the place.

We only had 8 days for our trip. We spent 5 days on the way down, and 1 on the way back up to Taipei. We had 2 days in the capital, which was obviously not enough. If we'd found Hugo's website before, we'd gone to the mountains. We didn't know Taiwan had such wild peaks.

Next time...

Dominik and Jessie from Longmont, Colorado

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