Taiwanese Secrets Videos

Clips of travel, culture, people, food, nature

This is a collection of videos I've taken around Taiwan. Most of those clips were filmed from my iPhone or Canon DSLR. 

Old Taiwanese man sings karaoke 

An old man sings a traditional Taiwanese song outside a Chinese temple in Hengchun, in southern Taiwan.

Handpan Player at 2/28 Peace Park

This Japanese guy was playing his handpan at 2/28 Peace Park in Taipei City in front of tourists and locals. It's incredible the range of sounds that he could create with such a simple instrument.

Rainbow Village in Taichung

The Rainbow Village is one of the most popular attractions in Taichung City these days. This compound of old houses is covered with images of colorful creatures which seem to have come straight out of a psychedelic trip or someone's weird dream.

Bizarre Chinese Parade in Taichung

A group of cars drive at low speed around a residential area in downtown Taichung city at 8pm, blasting techno music at full-volume from extra powerful speakers while giant Chinese Taoist god "puppets" march along the convoy, with banners from a local temple around their neck.

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