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Is Taiwan a future world class
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This Hiking in Taiwan Travel Guide will show you that Taiwan isn't just cities and factories. The island is home to Northeast Asia's tallest summit and to more than 240 peaks over 3000m. One day, Taiwan will inevitably become a world class hiking destination like Japan. It's just a question of time...

BTW, do reserve your hotel rooms in advance in Taiwan as they tend to be fully booked on weekends and holidays.

Taiwan: A True Hidden Paradise

taiwan hiking picturesI have hiked in more than 15 countries and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed if you come here for a mountain escape. Wether you want to go for a multi-day expedition in the remote Central Mountain Range, or wander through historic trails, you'll be blown away by what you'll discover.

Taiwan has it all... Bamboo forests, subtropical and tropical jungles, deep gorges and valleys, coastal bluffs, alpine meadows, high peaks, rushing rivers, waterfalls, wildlife... It doesn't get more diverse than that. There are many reasons why it used to be called "Formosa", the Beautiful!

In this Hiking in Taiwan Travel Guide you'll find the trails listed by areas. Here they are...

Hiking in Northern Taiwan

Yangmingshan National Park: Yangmingshan is Chinese for something like "Bright Sun Mountain", and it's deserving of the name; catching a sunset here is breathtaking. It's the closest hiking destination near Taipei City, in Northern Taiwan.

Hiking in Central Taiwan

Yushan (Jade Mountain): Taiwan's tallest peak doesn't need too much introduction. With a summit that reaches 3952m in altitude, Mt. Jade will deliver adventure-wise if that's what you're looking for! Find information about accommodation, transportation, mountain permits, and guided hikes on Yushan.

Mt. Cilai (Qilai Shan): Sharp, steep, craggy peaks, overnight expedition, high altitude, close to Hehuan Mountain, alpine scenery, nasty weather, wildlife, huge mountain hut...

Hehuanshan Forest Recreation Area: Introduction to Mt. Hehuan. Short and easy high altitude walks, comfortable mountain cottage, camping, Taroko Gorge's backdoor...

Hehuan West Peak, 3145m: A long high altitude hike. No technical difficulties, easy access, alpine scenery, ridge walk...

Sun Moon Lake: Wander around tea plantations on Mt. Maolan or trudge up Mt. Shuishe and get splendid views of the lake.

Mt. Bagua: Quiet country road just outside Taichung. Bamboo trees, old Chinese houses, giant buddha, temples, pagodas.

Dakeng: Right outside Taichung City, 10 easy, man-made trails, wild monkeys, campground, hot springs, touristy but still beautiful.

Eagle Mountain: Steep, exposed, day-climb in Dasyueshan Forest Recreational Area. One of my favorite hikes in Taiwan! Close to Taichung.

Alishan: The Alishan area is popular with Taiwanese hikers who come here to see the sunrise over a sea of clouds. Alishan is one of the top 10 Taiwan travel destinations.

Hiking in Southern Taiwan

Mt. Guanshan, 3668m: Moderate climb. My favorite hike on the island! Dramatic views, great camping spot along the trail...

Maolin Recreation Area: Hike to three of the island's most beautiful waterfalls and meet the Rukai aboriginal tribe.

Hiking on the East Coast

Taroko Gorge: Hike through geological wonders, marble canyons, ancient hunting trails. It's Taiwan's top scenic attraction, so expect huge crowds on weekends and holidays.

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