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Do I know a good Taiwan travel agent?
I surely do. And I know some bad ones, too. Since 2000 I've taken no less than 70 trips outside Taiwan, so I've had the chance to go to lots of travel agencies.

taiwan travel agent

I'll only recommend the ones that can:

  • speak English well,
  • offer you competitive travel deals,
  • give reliable travel information,
  • help you arrange travel insurance and visas,
  • provide all this in a friendly manner!
Here they are, listed by cities:


Elizabeth Travel Service

Elizabeth is by far my preferred travel agent in Taiwan. I've actually called her while traveling around Asia to get travel info - even though I didn't get my plane ticket from her. She is a travel Encyclopedia and knows many of the itineraries and fares by heart. If you're looking for a friendly, honest and well-established travel agent in Taiwan, look no further. Ask Elizabeth for a quote right here!

Address: 378 - 15f, Wenxin Rd. - Section 1, Taichung City
Tel: 04-23298277 Cell: 0937-787264 Fax: 04-23298297

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Whose Travel

whose travel, taichung, taiwanWhose Travel's office is located in Taichung, but they can offer you services that go well beyond the city. Dale, the travel agency's owner, has built a comprehensive website where he introduces places of interest around Taiwan as well as info on airline tickets, budget hotels, visa information and travel guides. He can also help you make hotel reservations or find a car if you wish to tour Taiwan solo.

Address: 106 - 3F Huamei West Street, Sec. 1, Taichung City
Tel: 04-2326-5191 or 04-2326-5866 Fax: 04-2326-5788

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