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Taiwan Tourist Visa

The Taiwan Tourist Visa in a Nutshell:

  • Perfect for long visits or study
  • Also called visitor visa
  • Usually good for 60-day stays
  • Extendable or non-extendable
  • Multiple or single entry
  • Apply in your home country
It's the Taiwanese visa you need if you plan on staying here for more than a month. Or maybe not - see if you are eligible for a visa-free entry into the country.

Tips On How To Get One

I remember being pretty nervous when I applied for my first Taiwan tourist visa back in 2000, in Vancouver. It meant so much to me at that time. I knew that trip was going to change my life. I also knew I wanted a one year multiple entry tourist visa.

The person who had suggested I come check out Taiwan had given me the following advice to apply for the 1-year multiple entry visa...

  • Shave and dress neatly!

  • Don't bring up studying Chinese - they might ask for some proof of enrollment at a language school.

  • Tell them you want to travel around Asia - or any convincing story - and you'd like to have Taiwan as a base because you have some friends there.

  • If they ask you any question, just tell them you love Taiwan and that you are interested in Taiwanese culture. (I remember thinking: "Is she kidding me?")

Note: It is illegal to work on a visitor visa and I don't encourage anybody to do so. I've heard stories of teachers being caught hiding in the bathroom of their kindergartens... You will be fined and deported for working illegally in Taiwan.

Are These Tips Really Helpful?

Well... I've applied for six visitor visas since 2000, and I've never had any trouble. I've also passed on these recommendations to friends and they all got a Taiwan tourist visa without any commotion. So you might want to follow the above guidelines too.

Single Or Multiple Entry?

The single entry Taiwan tourist visa can be either extendable or non extendable. If it's non-extendable, you'll have to leave after the specified duration of stay. It's usually 60 days, but I've met people who were only given 30 days, and others who were luckier and got 90 days.

The extendable single entry can be extended twice for 60 days, for a total of 180 days. Studying Chinese at a government recognized school is the easiest way to get extensions. You can extend your visa at a Taiwanese Bureau of Consular Affair or at numerous Foreign Affair Offices throughout Taiwan.

A multiple entry can be valid for one, three, or five years. You can enter Taiwan at any time while your visa is valid, but you will have to leave every 60 days. That's what is called doing "visa runs". Most foreigners just do a quick round trip to Hong Kong airport.

Who is Eligible?

Visitors from all nationalities, who hold ordinary passports, can apply for a Taiwan tourist visa (visitor visa).

What Do I Need To Apply

Here are the Taiwan visa requirements for the visitor visa:

  • A valid passport (6 months validity minimum)
  • 2 recent photos (2" X 1.5")
  • A completed Taiwan visa application form
  • A plane ticket to Taiwan (an e-ticket will do)
  • A plane ticket out of Taiwan (onward ticket)
  • Bank statement with a minimum of US$ 3000
  • Contact address and phone number in Taiwan

Tip! For the multiple entry visa, I highly recommend that you take the time to write a nice friendly letter explaining why you want to go to Taiwan. I wish I could show you the letter I wrote when I applied for my second Taiwan tourist visa. Very emotional! Taiwan this... Taiwan that... I even wrote "I Love Taiwan" in Chinese characters! They gave me a multiple entry valid for 3-years!!!

$$$ Visa Fee $$$

You have to pay either with cash, by money order, bank draft or a certified check.

Single Entry: US$50 Multiple Entry: US$ 100$

Rush Service: Single Entry: US$25 Multiple Entry: US$50

Taiwan Tourist Visa - Where Can I Apply?

You have to apply at a Taiwanese overseas mission.

Because Taiwan has an uncommon diplomatic status, these "missions" or offices are not officially called embassies or consulates. For example, in Canada they are called Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices.

Tip! I advise you apply for a Taiwan tourist visa in your home country. I have 2 friends who tried to get visas in Hong Kong and Bangkok and got their applications declined for no reason.

Where Can I Get A Visa Extension?

You can get a visa extension in any of the four Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, or Hualien. In other cities, you'll have to go to a smaller Foreign Affair Office or a police headquarter.

Still want more information about the multiple-entry, extendable visitor visa to Taiwan? Check out this page!

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