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Taiwan Tourist Information

See where I book my hotels in Taiwan!

On this page you'll find more Taiwan tourist information than you will ever need to prepare your trip to Taipei and other parts of beautiful Formosa!

I have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months (more than 11 years) traveling around Taiwan, doing research about Chinese culture, studying Mandarin, working, and building this travel guide.

The Taiwan tourist information presented on this page is not only the result of my own investigations - a lot of it comes from the mountain of emails I've gotten over the years from the tens of thousands of visitors who regularly consult this Taiwan Travel Guide.

Taiwan Tourist Information

Taiwanese Visa: What kind of visa do you need to come to Taiwan?

Traveling Around Taiwan: Getting to attractions and cities in Taiwan is easy when you know how to use Taiwan's super cheap public transportation. Info about the normal train, fast train (HSR), public and private buses, and how to rent a scooter in Taiwan.

Getting to Taiwan: Travel to Taiwan by plane - get a cheap ticket to Taiwan here! On that page, you can contact my travel agent.

Interesting Facts About Taiwan: Find information about Taiwan's history, geography, climate, culture, currency, and religion.

Festivals in Taiwan
Taiwan tourist information about the many colorful Chinese and Taiwanese festivals, holidays, and customs that are celebrated throughout the year all around Taiwan.

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Surfing in Hualien, on the east coast of Taiwan

Learn Chinese: Taiwan isn't just a fantastic place with natural attractions and cultural sights - it's also the best place in the world to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Accommodation in Taiwan: Find hotels in Taiwan. I also recommend you take a look at my list of hotels in Taipei if you're planning on visiting tourist attractions in Taiwan's capital. If you're in a rush and you want to reserve a place to stay in Taiwan now, head for HotelsCombined.com - that's where I always make bookings for places to sleep when I travel in Taiwan.

Pictures of Taiwan
There's no better way to get Taiwan tourist information than through images and photos! I've been walking, riding, cycling around Taiwan since the year 2000 with my Canon around my neck - I'm really into photography and here's the result of all those years of trying to capture the soul of Formosa on film (CF cards).

List of Taiwanese Cities and Touristic Attractions

Here you'll find all the cities and touristic destinations featured on Taiwanese Secrets (listed by areas). Each page will give you even more tourist information about Taiwan. Enjoy!

North Taiwan

Beitou - Danshui - Hsinchu - Jinguashi - Jiufen - Keelung Port - PinglinSanyi - Sanxia - Taipei City - Taoyuan City - Wulai - Yangmingshan - Yingge

Central Taiwan

Bagua Mountain - Caotun - Changhua City - Dakeng - Eagle Mountain Hehuan Mountain - Lugang (Lukang) - Puli - Qilai Mountain
Sun Moon Lake - Taichung City - Wushe

South Taiwan

Foguangshan - Guanshan - Guanziling - Kaohsiung City - Kenting - Maolin - Tainan City

East Taiwan

Dulan - Fulong - Hualien City - Taitung City - Taroko National Park - Yilan (Ilan)

The Taiwanese Islands

Green Island - Kinmen - Orchid Island - Penghu - Matsu

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Pigs feet

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