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Top 10 Things to Do on Formosa!

Colorful Taiwan tourism information. Any of these attractions will kick-start your Taiwan sightseeing, and you are sure to stumble upon plenty of treasures along the way.


Taipei is where most people begin their Taiwan tourism adventure. The capital city of the country is packed with ancient Chinese temples, memorials, shopping districts, restaurants, and bars.

Thanks to the MRT (Taipei's subway system) and cheap taxi rides, traveling around Taiwan's biggest city is a breeze. Finding a hotel is also quite straightforward in Taipei City even if you can't speak Chinese.

Sun Moon Lake

One of the island's big touristic drawcards is Sun Moon Lake. The lake (which is Taiwan's highest) is located in the beautiful Central Mountain Range, about an hour away from Taichung City. It's an excellent place to hike, swim, camp, or take a boat ride.


The beaches around Kenting town are without a doubt some of the most scenic on the island and that's why the area tops the list of hot spots for Taiwan tourism. Travel down to the southern tip of Formosa to swim, surf, dive, snorkel, eat seafood, and while away the days under the hot tropical sun.

Taroko Gorge

The wild side of Taiwan's tourism finds itself in one of the deepest gorges on earth. Taroko Gorge National Park is conveniently located an hour away from Hualien City, along the East Coast of Taiwan and is a perfect destination to hike, take pictures, learn about aboriginal cultures, and soak yourself in one of the coolest (hottest actually) hot springs you've ever seen.

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Hehuan Mountain

Hehuanshan is the most accessible high mountain area on the island and that's why it's high on our Taiwan tourism list. The area is home to green rolling hills that can reach as high as 3700 meters. From easy day-trips to 5-day-long treks, Hehuan Mountain Area is perfect for walkers of any level.


Tainan is Taiwan's old capital city and it's packed with ancient temples, old restaurants, museums, and small pedestrian alleys where you can buy ancient Chinese souvenirs and gifts. Tainan can be reached by high-speed train from Taipei in about 90 minutes.


Lugang has one of the most important Matsu temples in Taiwan and is a great destination to shop for ancient Chinese art products such as lanterns, paintings, and teapots. There's also an old street where you can find tons of delicious traditional Taiwanese snacks for pretty cheap.

Penghu Islands

The charming islands of Penghu are located in the Taiwan Strait. It's a favorite destination for kitesurfing and sailing.. Another cool thing to do there is to rent a scooter and explore the many pristine beaches and picturesque fishing villages scattered around the islands.

Jade Mountain

Taking a trip to Jade Mountain (Taiwan's tallest peak) is something you should absolutely do if you're into hiking. The trail is well marked, there are places to sleep along the way, and the whole adventure (round-trip from Alishan) can be done in as little as 2 days.

Highway 11

The list of Taiwan's best touristic places wouldn't be complete without mentioning the scenic Highway 1, which runs between Hualien and Taitung along the East Coast. Some attractions worth noting are Dulan Township (famous for its live music events every Saturday night) and Jichi Beach (one of Taiwan's best surfing spots).

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