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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Transportation


Chances are that one of the first things that will be on your mind after landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport will be to find transportation to transit to your next destination, which may or may not be Taipei City.

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First, understand this: Traveling from Taoyuan International Airport to other cities around Taiwan is very, very simple, safe, and cheap. Public transportation from the airport such as buses are readily available from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The bus stations are new, clearly labeled in English, and have LCD monitors where you can see the various destinations, schedules, and fares.

Transit to hotels in Taipei is also clearly labeled at both terminals in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Note: Taoyuan International Airport use to be called C.K.S. International Airport. Many people call it Taipei International Airport, or Taiwan International Airport. You should know that there is another airport in Taipei City that is called Songshan Airport, which has mostly domestic flights.

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Taoyuan Airport Transportation to Taipei City (Bus)

Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Train Station: NT$125
Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Songshan Airport (Express): NT$125
Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Songshan Airport (Normal): NT$83
Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center: NT$115

Travel by Bus - All Taiwanese Destinations

Here is what you should expect to pay for bus transport to the following destinations in Taiwan from Taoyuan Airport. The following fares are with the UBus Company.

Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei: NT$30
Taoyuan International Airport to Taichung: NT$240
Taoyuan International Airport to Kaohsiung: NT$420
Taoyuan International Airport to HSR Taoyuan Station: NT$30
Taoyuan International Airport to Hsinchu: NT$120
Taoyuan International Airport to Fengyuan, Dongshi: NT$270
Taoyuan International Airport to Changhua: NT$250
Taoyuan International Airport to Yuanlin: NT$250
Taoyuan International Airport to Beigang: NT$330
Taoyuan International Airport to Chiayi (Jiayi): NT$250
Taoyuan International Airport to Tainan: NT$300
Taoyuan International Airport to Pingtung: NT$460

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Are you in a rush? Take the fast train!

If you are going from Taoyuan International Airport to destinations in the Southern part of Taiwan and you'd like cut travel time, consider taking the High Speed Rail (HSR). You can board a high speed train at Taoyuan HSR Station. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by bus from the airport.

How about traveling to Taiwan's East coast from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport?

The best way to get to destinations like Ilan, Hualien, Taroko Gorge, and Taitung along Taiwan's East coast is to first take a bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Train Station from where you can catch a normal train (TRA train).

If you are planning to go to Green Island (Lyudao) or Orchid Island (Lanyu) straight from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you'll want to first go to Taitung City, in the southeastern part of Taiwan from where you can take either a boat or plane.

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