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Taiwan Pictures

My Top 30 Photos of Taiwan

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chinese dragon

At first, I didn't want to have a page dedicated to pictures of Taiwan. I've always seen Taiwanese Secrets as one big photo album: a collection of Taiwanese photos and images of Chinese culture.

But last week, I got an email from a girl named Latika and she said:

"I've been living in Taiwan for two years and I wanted to show what Taiwan looks like to my family back home. I sent them a link to your website but I doubt they'll take the time to watch all the slideshows. You should consider having a page with some of your best Taiwan pictures."

Latika, this page is for you, your family and to all of my visitors who want to see photos of Taiwan without having to browse through all the pages of this site. Enjoy these pics of Taiwan!

Taiwan Pictures

A 17-year compilation of my personal favorites

Taiwan is a real paradise for photographers and I truly feel lucky to have had the chance to live here since 2000 to indulge my passion for pictures.

taiwanese farmer pictureA Taiwanese farmer in Kaohsiung County.

old taiwanese man pictureThis man seems to be wondering why a foreigner would want to take a picture of him. Yunlin County.

picture of chinese dragon artColorful Chinese dragon's tail at a small temple lost in a bamboo forest in Nantou County.

picture of chinese tradition parade
Young Chinese man, wearing traditional clothes at a public parade during Chinese New Year outside my home in Taichung City.

picture of hehuanshan, nantou county, taiwan
My friends Pierre and May, riding on my Yamaha FZ6 along the scenic Central Cross Highway, just past Mt. Hehuan.

taiwan picture, taichung
Taichung: my beautiful concrete jungle!

taiwan picture, miaokou market in Keelung city
Miaokou Market in Keelung City (just north of Taipei) is one of the best places in Taiwan (if not the best) to eat fresh seafood.


taiwan picture, scooters in keelung city
A common scene in Taiwan: an army of scooters packed between cars at a busy traffic light.

traditional chinese culture, taiwan picture
Age-old Chinese ritual in one of the narrow
lanes in Tainan City.


picture of taiwan,  traditional chinese religion
One of the most unusual sights in Taiwan - Dang-ki; a religious practice where men invite "bad spirits" to possess them, and then they beat themselves with crazy weapons like swords, daggers, axes and toothed clubs. This one happened just outside a Starbucks, right in downtown Taichung!

taiwanese girls, taichung city, taiwan photos
Two Taiwanese girls on a scooter in front of
Taichung train station.


chinese man praying
Praying the taosist way in Guanziling, Tainan County.

young taiwanese girls
Two young Taiwanese girls pray in Longshan Temple in Taipei.

mountain climbing, hiking in taiwan picture
Me, hiking Mt. Guanshan, in Southern Taiwan.


mountains in taiwan picture
Taiwan's beautiful Central Mountain Range. The tall peak in the distance is Mt. Qilai, another great climb.


taiwan mountains picture
When people think of Taiwan, they think factories and sprawling cities. Very few know that Taiwan has amazing hiking.


cks taipei, attraction, taiwan picture
C.K.S. Memorial is one of the most
popular attractions in Taipei City.

red chinese lanterns
Chinese Lanterns are everywhere in Taiwan. Those ones were making a ceiling in front of Matsu Temple, on Cijin Island, not too far from Kaohsiung.

chinese boy
I took this picture of a young Taiwanese boy the first week I got to Taiwan, back in the summer of 2000, at the beautiful
Confucius Temple, in Taichung.

sun moon lake, taiwan picture
Sun Moon Lake, in Nantou County, is Taiwan's biggest lake as well as a great destination to walk in the mountains.

old chinese women
Listening to a "priest" or "teacher" in Taichung's
Confucius Temple.

chinese religion painting
Aesthetic Chinese painting on a wall at the back of Baoan Temple, in the old part of Taipei.

chinese confucius temple in kaohsiung, taiwan
Taiwan's largest Confucius temple is located on the edge of
Lotus Pond, in the nothern part of Kaohsiung City.

chinese culture
After a noisy parade that took place right on the Northeast Coast Highway, close to Keelung. For some reason, of all the pictures of Taiwan that I have, this one is my ultimate favorite.

buddha statue
Foguangshan Monastery, in Kaohsiung County has
the island's tallest Buddha statue.

red chinese door
Old-style Chinese doors at the back of CKS Memorial, in Taipei.

ximending, taipei, taiwan
A trendy Taiwanese boy (girl??) in Ximending, an entire district dedicated to shopping and youth fashion. It's in Taipei of course!

chinese opera
Traditional Chinese opera signer in Keelung.

cute chinese girls
Two young Taiwanese girls attend the Confucius' birthday celebrations at the Confucius Temple in Taipei. The event takes place every year on September 28.

mountains in taiwan, dakeng
Dakeng Mountains, just outside Taichung City. Another excellent place to hike.

I really hope you enjoyed these pictures of Taiwan.

To see more Taiwan photos, take some time to watch all the slideshows I have throughout this site. The images they contain will give you a much more complete picture of Taiwan.