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Taiwan Health Insurance

Information for English teachers

Health insurance is always a tricky gray area when traveling. Will my insurance provider cover me in the other country? Will Taiwan accept my insurance? Has my insurance company ever heard of Taiwan?

Travel insurance for Taiwan

The best thing to do is to set yourself up with two months of travel insurance before arriving in Taiwan. If you are coming to find a job, two months should give you sufficient time to establish yourself as an English teacher and get an ARC. One that is done, you will be qualified for Taiwan's National Health Insurance and your insurance card.

If you don't have medical insurance at home, you will still qualify for most travel insurance. When getting travel insurance, make sure that everything you anticipate being important is covered in Taiwan. There are few serious medical problems associated with Taiwan, but as the adage goes, better safe than sorry.

If you are already insured you can talk to your provider first, who will most likely set you up with "emergency insurance" that will only pay for emergency services. Because you will be going for an extended stay of two months before securing your health card, we recommend you find a source for more reliable and comprehensive coverage.

Don't get too much travel insurance for Taiwan.

Many travel insurance providers bundle medical insurance with "travel protection," reimbursing you for travel cancellations, missed flights, rental car insurance and more. If you're looking into insurance, make sure you're not getting too much more than you need, such as "terrorism/civil unrest" insurance which will reimburse you in the case of terrorism or protests delaying your flight.

Also, if you are a young and active person you probably won't need emergency airlift service that can fly you anywhere in the world for superior treatment.

I hope you found this page about Taiwan travel and health insurance helpful.

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