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Taiwan Beauty Photo Gallery

15 Dramatic Landscape Pictures of Taiwan

Discover Taiwan's Beauty! 15 Scenic Photos of Taiwan!

vase rock little liouciou taiwan
Spectacular underwater scenery attracts snorkelers to the area around Vase Rock on Little Liouciou Island (Xiao Liu Qiu), in Pingtung County.


jade mountain, taiwan, yushan
Photo of azalea blossoms on Jade Mountain (Yushan), in Southern Taiwan, Yushan National Park. With an elevation of 3992m, Jade Mountain is Taiwan's tallest peak, as well as one of the most popular hiking and climbing destinations.


basaltic pillar penghu island
Basaltic pillars on Penghu Island.


taiwan nantou waterfall
Look at this! The raw beauty of Taiwan really is one of the best kept secrets in the travel sphere! Here, the Yumenguan Waterfall plunges into a pool in Nantou County, Central Taiwan.


yanchao township, taiwan
Geyser-like mud volcanoes in Kaohsiung County's Yanchao Township attract visitors who hope to witness one of the frequent eruptions of muddy liquid.


taiwan landscape bay
Rimmed by white sand beaches, craggy shoals, a river delta and lush green mountains, Dong-ao Bay, in Ilan County, offers one of the most beautiful scenes in Taiwan.


yeliu, yeliou geopark, taiwan
Among the fantastic rock formations awaiting visitors at the Yeliu (Yeliou) Scenic Area in Northern Taiwan are these "candle holder" rocks. Yeliu is also famous for its annual Lantern Festival.


Taiwanese mobile cafe! In recent years, mobile cafes have begun to be found at coastal and mountain scenic areas around Taiwan. The coffee they sell might be a bit more expensive than in the big cities, but there's no better way to enjoy the beauty of Taiwan!


yangmingshan yangming mountain, northern taiwan
Steam escapes from the bowels of the earth in a volcanic zone located in Yangmingshan National Park (Mt. Yangming), in Northern Taiwan. Yangmingshan sits on geological fault line just north of Taipei City. Yangmingshan is a highly popular hiking destination in Northern Taiwan and is one of the best places on the island to admire Taiwan's beauty.

flower festival in nantou county, central taiwan
The annual Nantou County Flower Festival in Central Taiwan.


mountains in kaohsiung county, taiwan
Moon World in Kaohsiung County, Southern Taiwan.


alga coral in taiwan
More Taiwan beauty... The eroded algal reefs at Laomei in Taipei County's Shihmen Township are at their most lush every March and April.


hehuan mountain in central taiwan
Various types of weather create beautiful scenes throughout the many peaks of Hehuan Mountain in Central Taiwan.


east coast scenery of taiwan
A coastal road running alongside Waimu Mountain on the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area. This road is where you can see the true Taiwanese beauty.


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