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My Favorite Taitung Hostel

Welcome to Taitung Sea Art Hostel in Dulan Village!

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I am so happy to have finally found what I believe is the best hostel around Taitung, and I'm proud to present you Taitung Sea Art Hostel in the little town of Dulan!

Find Out About Taiwan's Best Hostel

The Taitung Sea Art Hostel was made for nature lovers and people who enjoy simple living. This guesthouse / B&B is located near the town of Dulan, some 20km north of Taitung city, on Highway 11.

I've been in Taiwan for ten years and I've spent many nights in mountain lodges and guesthouses and I can guarantee you that there is no other place like it on the island!

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What's so special about this Taitung hostel?

Taitung Sea Art Hostel is surrounded by tall trees, tropical plants and flowers. During the day, you can go for a hike in the green hills around the property, and at night, you can sit outside in complete darkness, absolute quietness, and gaze at the stars. The rooms are clean and beautifully furnished. The common room and the outdoor pavilion are perfect places to meet other travelers and guests.

taitung sea art hostel taiwan

Meet Your Hosts: Roman and Emily

The friendly owners, Roman from Canada, and his Taiwanese wife Emily, are extremely accommodating and friendly.

Roman has been living in Taiwan for more than 10 years and he's very knowledgeable about Taiwanese culture and the land he lives on. He is one of the most versatile and creative artists I have ever met and his latest creation, the hostel, is his masterpiece - a collection of masks, paintings, leatherwork, and woodwork. The entire place is a real museum. Everything he's made there is in harmony with the surroundings. It is very homy!

taiwanese couple
Left to right: Roman, Emily... and someone I don't know!

Emily is a fantastic woman. She'll make sure you've got everything you need during your stay at the Taitung Sea Art Hostel. She's a fabulous cook and one of the friendliest hosts I've met in Taiwan. She'll be more than happy to help you organize tours in the Dulan / Taitung area, or to further destinations along Taiwan's east cost. She can also help you organize hiking, swimming, and snorkeling trips.

taitung sea art hostel hosts
Roman and Emily, getting ready to go to the beach.

Taitung Sea Art Hostel Facilities

  • Internet access
  • Common room
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • BBQ area
  • TV, DVD's
  • English books
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Free parking

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The Sea Art Hostel's outdoor kitchen

Price / Booking

  • Double Room (1 queen-size bed): 1100NT
  • 4-person room (2 queen-size beds): 2200NT

Note: Chinese New Year's prices will be 30% more

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Eating / Food

One thing that sets the Sea Art Hostel apart from other guesthouses in Dulan is the possibility to cook your own meals in a setting that seems right out of the Jungle Book.

Roman and Emily have built the coolest outdoor kitchen I've ever seen (and used) in my life. For me, half the pleasure of staying at this wild refuge in the mountains is to cook there and chill among the exotic, tropical vegetation. It's the perfect setting to have a feast with friends, enjoy a drink, or simply lay back and read a good book.

There's everything you need to cook and store food here: fridge, oven, stove, toaster, coffee maker, blender, pots, pans, and tons of utensils. You can also have a BBQ at the fire pit.

If you don't feel like bringing your own food and cooking, you can simply head back to Dulan where a couple of restaurants serve decent Chinese and Western food.

Contact This Taitung Hostel

Taitung Sea Art Hostel - Mother Land
71, Neighborhood 13, Lane 5
Dulan Village, Donghe, Taitung (Taidong), Taiwan

Phone Number
Emily: 0935061578
Roman: 0988243108
Home: 089-5317075

NOTE: Let them know you found out about their guesthouse on Taiwanese-Secrets.com

Getting to Taitung Sea Art Hostel

Follow this page to see how to get there.

From Taitung train station, there's a free shuttle bus that goes all the way to Dulan village. When you exit the train station, turn right and walk all the way to the last bus stop. You can't miss it - it's red and it's got a sign that says: Tour Taiwan. Buses leave every 40 minutes.

taitung free shuttle bus
The free shuttle bus

Pick-Up Service: You can get a fairly cheap ride from Taitung airport, train station, or the old Sugar Factory in Dulan from:

  • Xiao Hu (no English): 0988802149
  • Alan (speaks English): 0920928255

If you need pick-up service, you can first contact Emily or Roman either by phone or email to tell them when you will arrive in the area, and they will arrange it for you.

If you're driving or riding, give them a call when you get to Dulan for clear instructions on how to get to the guesthouse... it is a bit tricky to find.

Attractions Close to Taitung Sea Art Hostel
Things to do in Dulan / Taitung

  • Listen to live music at the Sugar Factory in Dulan on Saturday nights.

  • Relax, swim, or surf at Dulan beach.

  • Hike in dense forests and lush mountains along the east coast.

  • Ride, drive, or cycle the winding coastline on Highway 11.

  • Take a boat from Fukang Harbor and visit Green Island or Orchid Island.

  • Spend a day at Zhiben Hotspring - one of Taiwan's oldest hot spring resorts.
beautiful beach in taiwan
Dulan beach

More Pictures of Taitung Sea Art hostel

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Taitung Hostels... Hard to find good ones!

It seems that there isn't much information about Taitung accommodation and Taitung hostels online. Actually, there isn't much at all about Taitung travel, attractions, or beaches along the southeastern coast of Taiwan.

Over the past two years, I've gotten lots of emails from visitors who were curious about cheap hostels in the Taitung area. My inbox is always filled with emails asking the same questions: What are the best attractions in Taitung? Where can I sleep in Taitung? What is the best Taitung hostel? What are the best restaurants in Taitung?

I live in Taichung, on the west side of the island, and it's kind of time consuming for me to travel to Taitung or Dulan. I'd really appreciate if you could help me introduce attractions, accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, activities around Taitung. Contact me if you'd like to share your Taiwanese secrets!

Thank you!

Dulan Village: Sandy beach, live music at the Sugar Factory, Taiwanese aborigines, Ami tribe, Water Running Up...