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Change of guard at CKS Memorial in TaipeiChange of guard at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

Taipei City, the nation's sophisticated capital, is the ultimate showcase. It's a place full of contrast. It's got quiet parks encircled by hectic streets as well as open traditional markets that line up alleys next to modern malls. Here, you'll find some of the most beautiful temples in Asia, a world-class museum, classical Chinese architecture, hiking trails, hot-springs, and so much more! 

But to be honest, it's not for everyone. It is big and busy, it has a level of pollution that is rarely healthy, and traffic is hectic even on quiet days. In spite of that, if you can deal with these aspects, you're gonna have a blast in Taipei - it's truly one of the great (and most exciting) cities in Asia!

taipei old woman young womanTaiwan's capital is a city of contrasts

10 Reasons You'll Love Taipei

The Temples
In my opinion, Taipei is on par with Kyoto for the beauty of its temples. Hard to believe? Maybe... But I think it's only because its religious sites don't get as much publicity as the ones in Kyoto. It's only a matter of time until the world realizes that Taiwan's capital has some of the most fascinating places of worship in the world. 

Confucius temple taiwanCeremony at Taipei's Confucius Temple

Museums and Memorials
The city is home to the famed National Palace Museum - repository of the world's biggest collection of ancient Chinese culture artefacts and to many, many more fascinating exhibition halls. Also, make sure the three main memorials are on your must-see list. Furthermore, in this section, I'll show you my favorite historical monuments.

ancient chinese doors

Taipei 101 Tower
Conquer your fear of heights and ride the world's fastest elevator up to the observatory (89th fl) to appreciate unparalleled views over the capital. Shop 'til you... run out of cash in the massive mall where you'll find top designer boutiques, a bookstore with over 150,000 English titles, the city's largest food court, and so much more.

taipei 101The 101 building, in Xinyi District

Shopping in Taipei
What do Taiwanese love doing most? Eating, of course. And what's next? You bet... shopping! And things aren't different here in the island's biggest megapolis. The night markets will keep you busy well past twelve, and the traditional Chinese bazaars will test your dealing skills. Avant-garde or antique, at a stall or in a mall, you're guaranteed to find what you need.

jade market taipeiA Taiwanese man sells jade at a traditional market

Restaurants in Taipei
I am of Italian descent. And I thought I knew all about gourmandism. How astonished I was when I first came to Taiwan! I remember thinking: "Wow, these guys really know how to eat, they simply never stop!" And Taipei is the ultimate glutton heaven - 24/7. Make sure to visit one of my pizzerias if you visit Taiwan's capital and you feel like having a thin-crust, stone-baked Italian pizza!

italian pizzeria taipei taiwanOne of my Pizza Rock restaurants in Taipei

Nightlife in Taipei
Feel like singing some good old Lionel Richie all night long at a KTV bar? Or how about something more recent like Vanilla Ice? Ok, if singing isn't your thing, know that the city has some of Asia's best pubs, bars, nightclubs, discotheques, musical venues, lounges and... bowling alleys. 

nightlife dj in taipeiNightlife in Taipei

Hotels in Taipei
You'll have no problem getting a room here. There's an extensive array of excellent accommodation scattered around the city. When looking for a place to stay, the big question should be "where?" It's important to find a hotel or a hostel that's in an area that will have the kind of restaurants, shops and attractions you like to frequent. My listing will help you with this.

Taipei MRT (Metro)
It's cheap, fast, clean, safe, modern and it will take you to pretty much all the sites you'll want to visit around town. The city's Mass Rapid Transit system (metro) is one of the best in Asia and makes traveling around the city a breeze. Hundreds of buses also zig-zag their way throughout the capital, but they're a little more confusing for the first timer. 

Subway (MRT) | Getting There | Getting Around 
A Guide to Transport in the Capital

taipei mrtThe Taipei Metro

Friendly Locals
Throughout my travels, I've realized that big cities usually come with a bunch of impatient and indifferent people. Not Taipei. Somehow, the city's residents have kept a certain coolness in spite of the urban stress. And they are friendly with visitors. Genuinely so.They are the soul of the city and the reason why a trip here is such a remarkable experience.

Men in Taipei City, Taiwan, playing Chinese chessMen play Chinese chess in a park in Taipei

Green City
I'll always remember the first pictures I ever saw of the city, in a geography class. There were buildings, some buildings and also some buildings. At that time I would not have believed there were green places in that concrete jungle. But really, the area has a number of very decent natural attractions, like the Maokong tea plantations, Yangming National Park, and the city has tons of parks, such as the popular 228 Peace Park.

228 Peace Park, Taipei

Map of Attractions in Taipei City

Information About Taipei City in Taiwan

Visit Top Attractions
Favorite attractions in the city. Your visit won't be complete without seeing these amazing travel destinations in Taiwan's capital. 

sun yat sen memorial hall taipeiSun Yet-sen Memorial Hall

Reserve a Hotel Online Before You Get There!
It can be hard to find a decent room in the capital during some periods and you should book your bed in advance.

Find Cheap Flights to the City
See what's the best place to find deals on plane tickets.

Travel Tips
Save money and time. Stay safe in Taiwan's capital city. Where should you stay, eat, shop? Get answers now!

taipei people walk past the train stationBusy intersection in front of Taipei Main Station

Facts About Taiwan's Capital
Read some interesting facts about Taipei City. Why is it called Taipei? Who lives there? What's the geography like?

Getting There
Getting there from other Taiwanese cities is easy. You can take the bus, normal train, or wicked-fast high speed train!

Get Around the Capital
Traveling around the city is fast, cheap, and convenient. You can take the MRT, bus, or you can rent a car or scooter!

The weather in Taipei can be pretty disagreeable. Summers are long and hot. Winters are short and can be a bit rainy too.

Taipei is a very young city as far as Asia goes. Really, the place you're visiting has only existed for at most 300 years, but it still has a very fascinating history.

Taiwan's capital has the most diversified culture of any city in Taiwan. It's a modern city steeped in Chinese heritage. 

Taiwanese women read religious scriptures at Longshan TempleTaiwanese women read religious scriptures at Longshan Temple

City Guide
Information about attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, weather, Taipei 101, and the 12 districts around the city.

Airport Hotels 
Find cheap (and not so cheap) accommodation near Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan Airport in Taipei.

Still not inspired with what you found on this page? Well, you can take a look at these 15 cool things to do in the city!

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