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10 Taipei Travel Tips

Keep your money, save time, stay safe - follow these 10 Taipei travel tips!

Book your hotel in Taipei Today!

It has happened to me too many times - I get to Taipei and start walking around in search of a hotel, and only end-up being told that the place is full. It's so much easier to shop online for accommodation. I now always book my hotel rooms through Hotels Combined.

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Use the MRT to travel around Taipei

The Taipei metro is easy to use, it's cheap, and it can take you near most major attraction in the city. You can grab a free Taipei MRT map at Taoyuan Airport.

Save money on food

Don't stick to the restaurants in your guidebook. Taipei has trillions of food stalls along its many streets where you can eat delicious / filling meals for as little as a 30NT$ (around USD1). Night markets are also packed with places that sell cheap snacks. The food court in the Taipei 101 building is also a great option to sample cheap high-quality food.

Avoid the crowds

This Taipei travel tip is so important! The best way to avoid huge groups of tourists at the main sights in Taipei is to visit them during the week or in the morning. Festivals and holidays are also known to bring lots of people to popular spots around town

Don't get wet!

Due to its location (surrounded by mountains, near the ocean), Taipei gets a good amount of rain every week. It can start pouring at any time of the day. Always bring an umbrella or a rain jacket in your daypack when you go out.

Stay safe on the road

People in Taipei ride their scooters like maniacs. Always look very carefully before crossing the street, even if the light is green for you. Do not walk around with loud music on your ears, always pay attention to the traffic, even with your ears, even when you are on the sidewalk.

Book your plane ticket in advance

Wait until minutes before your departure and you will literally pay the price for a plane ticket to Taipei City. No reason not book in advance. Make a flight reservation as soon as you know your dates.

You might not need a visa to visit Taipei

Residents of countries listed on this page can enter Taiwan without a visa. If this is the case for you, you can enter Taiwan on a free 30-day or 90-day visa-exempt permit. You get this permit at Taoyuan International Airport.

Take the bus from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

No need to take a taxi and blow up 1000NT$ to get to Taipei City from Taoyuan International Airport. Take the bus instead. Buses leave for Taipei every 30 minutes or so and only cost 150NT$.

Travel Fast

Wanna travel to other parts of Taiwan and you want to get there ASAP? Take the fast train (HSR). The High Speed Rail can take you to Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung much faster than the normal train or bus.

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I wish you a safe trip to Taipei!

I hope you enjoyed these Taipei travel tips!

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