Taipei Tourism Information and Travel Advice

My dad enjoys the view over Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

Find all the Taipei tourism information you will need for your trip to Taiwan's amazing capital city.

I have been living in Taiwan since 2000 and I've had the chance to travel around Taipei City a bunch of times. On this page, I have gathered some of the most useful Taipei tourism info available on this website and other helpful links from all over the net.

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Find budget accommodation in Taipei
Nothing sucks more than wasting precious travel time looking for a hotel in Taipei. The thing that you must understand is that Taipei City is getting really hot on the travel scene in Asia and tons of business travellers stop in Taiwan's capital city to attend trade shows or other business events. Conclusion: hotels get booked in advance and it can be hard to find decent accommodation, especially during weekends and holidays. You can check room availability and Taipei hotel prices here.

Get a cheap plane ticket to Formosa
Finding a great deal on a flight to Taipei, Taiwan is somewhat something of the past. I used to pay around 1000USD for my airfare (round-trip) Taipei-Montreal. Now the price is closer to 2000USD! How scary is that! What will it be in 10 years from now…?

The best way to find decent deals on plane tickets to Taiwan is still shopping around the net, calling travel agents, and making sure to be flexible on the itinerary. Flights that have more stops and longer transfer times are usually cheaper.

You can also contact my travel agent - Elizabeth Travel Services. I've been buying tickets in and out of Taiwan for more than 12 years with her and she's very friendly and helpful.

One of the massive buildings that surround the CKS Memorial Hall in the old part of Taipei City.

Essential Taipei Tourism Info

Getting Around Taipei
Wether you like to walk, take the bus, subway, or taxi, you'll want to know more about the different public transport options available in Taipei City. 

Taipei MRT
One of the main reasons why Taipei tourism and travel is so convenient is the MRT, the Mass Rapid Transit. The subway system can take you all over the city for cheap and makes it very simple to visit multiple attractions in one day. The metro in Taipei is clean, safe, and has tons of signs and maps in English.

Taipei Restaurants
Food is obviously a huge part of the Taipei tourism experience. People from all over the world travel to Taiwan's capital to sample its vibrant and exotic cuisine. Here, find a list of popular restaurants to include in your travel itinerary in Taipei.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Monument

Nightlife in New Taipei City
Bars, clubs, pubs, KTVs, discos, and lounges… Taipei's got it all covered. You won't have to waste too much time looking for a place to go out at night in Taipei. From old traditional beer houses that sell sushi until 2am, to modern nightclubs that feature international DJs like Luxy, Taipei is the answer to your nightlife wishes!

For some, Taipei tourism equals shopping, period. You can buy pretty much anything you want in this city. Wether you're after an expensive Gucci handbag, a traditional Chinese souvenir, or a cheap electronic gadget, you will find it somewhere around town. The city itself is a huge Asian bazaar where old street markets coexist with ultra-modern department stores. 

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Top Attractions to Visit in Taipei

Taipei 101
The Taipei 101 building needs little introduction. Up to a few years ago, it was the tallest building in the world and home to the fastest elevator on the planet. Even though it lost the famous title for the highest structure on earth, it is still a must-see-attraction that every visitor should have on their list of things to do in Taipei City, in Taiwan.

Taipei 101 Tower

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial
The Chiang Kai-shek memorial is where I usually take people at sunset. The vast plaza is surrounded by huge structures built in the classical Chinese architecture style. If you only have the time to visit one place in Taipei and you want to have pictures with something very Asian or Chinese-like in the background, it should be the CKS Memorial.

Longshan Temple
For tons of reasons, Longshan Temple has always been the most popular and busiest religious site in Taipei City. Longshan Temple is always packed with local Taiwanese who go there to burn incense, worship various Chinese gods, and make offerings to ancestors. This place of worship is on most Taipei guided tours itinerary, so you won't be the only one walking around with your guidebook in hand or your SLR around your neck.

Shilin Nightmarket
Taiwan is renowned world-wide for its many, huge night markets. Head to the biggest, baddest night market of them all for the ultimate eating and shopping experience: Shilin Nightmarket is guaranteed to blow your senses!

Other Helpful Taipei Tourist Information

Taipei Weather
The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan has updated information about weather, climate, regional forecasts, and earthquakes. Make sure you don't ruin your Taipei tourism experience because your timing is bad. Plan ahead and see if a typhoon is heading towards Taiwan.

Taipei News - Taipei Times
Read what's going on around Taiwan. Get the latest information about politics, the economy, business, editorials, sports, arts, and events in Taiwan.

Map of Taipei City
This Google Map comes with Taipei Travel Secrets, my ebook about Taipei Tourism. On it you'll find popular attractions, hotels, restaurants, and many points of interests that you shouldn't miss on your visit.

View Taipei Travel Secrets in a larger map