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5 star 5 Star Hotels in Taipei

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Westin Hotel Taipei, Taiwan
Located in Songshan District, this Taipei airport hotel is near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, The Tavern Pub, and Xingtian Temple.
133, Nanjing E Road, Section 3, SongShan District, Taipei

Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel
The Shangri-La Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and luxurious hotels in Taiwan's capital city.
201, Dunhua S Road, Section 2, Da-An District, Taipei City

Taipei Sheraton Hotel
The Sheraton Hotel in Taipei is in ZhongZheng District, which is home to most of Taipei's major government buildings. It's a really great base to travel around Taiwan's capital.
12, Zhongxiao E Rd., ZhongZheng District, Taipei City

Caesar Park Hotel
This 5 Star Taipei accommodation is right next to Taipei Main Station and close to a lot of interesting tourist attractions like CKS Memorial Hall, the 2-28 Peace Park, and Ximending shopping area.
38, ZhongXiao W Rd., Section 1, ZhongZheng District, Taipei

Miramar Garden Hotel
Smack-dab in the middle of the Taipei metropolitan area is the Miramar Garden Hotel, with lots of shopping in the immediate vicinity.
83, Civic Blvd., Section 3, ZhongShan District, Taipei City

Imperial Taipei Hotel
The Imperial Hotel Taipei is on the new Luzhou MRT line, and as such makes traveling to the northern part of Taipei City very easy.
600, Linsen Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Evergreen Laurel Hotel
The Evergreen Hotel's location is great as it's close to the Muzha-Neihu brown MRT line. If you're a business traveler looking to attend big-ticket expos, this location is really close to the main exhibition centers in the city.
63, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Sherwood Hotel
The Sherwood's claim to fame is that it's the first 5-star hotel in Taiwan that is domestically-owned.
111, MinSheng E Rd, SongShan District, Taipei City

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4 star hotel taipei taiwan 4 Star Hotels in Taipei

Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
The location of Taipei's Howard Plaza Hotel makes it ideal for shopping - it is close to the Zhongxiao Fuxing/Dunhua area.
160, Ren-Ai Rd., Section 3, Da-An District, Taipei City

Riviera Hotel Taipei
The Taipei Hotel Riviera is a bit North of where all of the financial action happens in Taipei, and that can definitely be a good thing. It's near Yuanshan MRT stop, making it easy to get to cool spots like the Taipei Fine Arts Museum or the Confucius Temple.

Capital Hotel
The Capital Hotel is a very elegant and luxurious accommodation that is located in Taipei. It is a very modern lodging option that offers high-class amenities and over 128 exclusive rooms.

Dolamanco Hotel
The Dolamanco sits in a centrally located region within the heart of Taipei. This is probably one reason why so many people are drawn to it. Adjacent to it is a beautiful forest park.

3 star hotel taipei taiwan 3 Star Hotels in Taipei

Golden China Hotel
Located on the newly built Luzhou MRT line, the Golden China Hotel has seen a remodeling and is most likely getting a lot more foot traffic now that public transit has turned its way.
306, SongJiang Rd., ZhongShan District, Taipei City

Taipei Cosmos Hotel
The Cosmos Hotel is in one of the areas of the city perhaps most suited for those of the tourist variety, right next to Taipei Main Station.
43, ZhongXiao W Rd., Section 1, ZhongZheng District, Taipei

Good Ground Hotel (near Ximending shopping area)
Taipei's Good Ground Hotel is spartan, cheap, and not very well-decorated. However, cheap is the key word, and, well, a bed is a bed.
6, Lane 27, Chengdu Rd., WanHua District, Taipei City

Flowers Hotel Taipei
This cheap, 3 star hotel in Taipei is right in the middle of the Ximen area, a great place for shopping and getting a taste of the Asian consumer experience.
36, Hankou St., ZhongZheng District, Taipei City

Paradise Hotel
Location is the best argument for staying at the Paradise Hotel. Shoppers will have a blast at the Ximen Shopping District.
24, XiNing S Rd., WanHua District, Taipei City

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Taipei Airport Hotels
Looking for accommodation near Taoyuan International Airport or Songshan Airport in Taipei City? Take a look at our list of Taipei Airport Hotels.

Taipei 5 Star Hotels
Taipei City is known to have some of the classiest hotels in the world. Check out some five-star accommodation in Taiwan's capital.

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These 3 cheap hotels are located near the train station, restaurants, attractions, and shopping.

Hotels Near Taipei Main Station
Stay at an accommodation near the HSR, MRT, TRA, and bus station so you can move around the city and the rest of Taiwan easily.

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Find the most luxurious hotels in the capital city.

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