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taipei airport hotelIf you're going to be in Taipei, Taiwan only on a short transit, you'll probably want to spend the night at a hotel / hostel near one of the two airports in Taiwan's capital city. You're at the right place to find a great Taipei Airport Hotel!

My Personal Favorite Hotel Near Taipei Airport
One of the Taipei airport hotels closest to Taoyuan International Airport is the Novotel Taipei Airport Hotel (from NT$2280).

Taipei Airport Stay - Consider This First!

The first thing you should know if you're looking for a Taipei airport hotel is that there are actually two airports in Taipei, Taiwan.

cheap taipei airport in taiwanThe main Taipei airport is actually called Taoyuan International Airport and it's not in Taipei City itself. Taoyuan International Airport was formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (C.K.S.) and it is located some 50 km southeast of downtown Taipei in Taoyuan County.

Here's a list of great Taipei airport hotels (kind of) near Taoyuan International Airport:

5 Star / Luxury Taipei Airport Hotels

Monarch Skyline Hotel Taoyuan - from NT$3854

Monarch Plaza Hotel Taoyuan - from NT$3604

Chuto Plaza Hotel Taoyuan - from NT$2472

4 Star Airport Hotels Near Taipei

City Suites Gateway Hotel - from NT$1920

Taoyuan Airport Hotel - from NT$2257

Fullon Hotel Taoyuan - from NT$2442

Hotel Orchard Park - from NT$2484

3 Star Hotels Near Taipei Airport

Hua Yue Taipei Airport Hotel - from NT$788

Yuan Motel Taoyuan - from NT$878

Majesty Hotel - from NT$1278

Holiday Inn Express - from NT$2043

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Hotels Near Songshan Taipei Airport
taipei airport hotel taiwan

The other airport in Taipei is located very close to downtown Taipei and it's called Songshan Airport. That airport use to only have domestic flights around Taiwan, but has lately started to offer new routes to China and Japan and will probably serve other Asian destinations soon.

Here are some Taipei airport hotels I recommend in the vicinity of Songshan Airport in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Sherwood Hotel - from NT$7124

Taipei Fullerton Hotel - North - from NT$3800

Regal Executive Suites - from NT$1800

Tai Hope Hotel - from NT$2800

Howard The Suite Taipei - from NT$4000

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Don't make the BIG mistake most travelers do!
Many people who travel to Taipei in Taiwan do so only because they have to due to transit or stop-over. One of the most common question I get on this site is:

"I have a stop-over in Taipei, I've already booked my hotel near Taipei airport, do you think think there are some attractions worth visiting around the city?"

taiwan taipei airport hotelI freak out every time I read this. It really seems like most people don't know how much beauty Taipei and Taiwan really has. Taipei City has amazing sights like temples, museums, night markets, and world-class shopping.

So, yes, book your room at a Taipei airport hotel, but no, don't feel like you have to spend all your time locked inside the building. Taipei is an amazing city that's got so much to offer.

I hope this page about Taipei airport hotels was helpful!

Have a safe trip to Taipei!

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