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Tainan City in 50 Pictures

A photo gallery of Taiwan's old capital

Tainan City is probably the most absorbing place in Taiwan. At every street corner, in every little lane, there's something interesting going on. From all angles, the shapes and colors illustrate fascinating scenes where traditional customs coexist with the fast pace of modern Taiwan.

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tainan pictures


This photo gallery will show you some of the finest attractions around Tainan City. If you're interested in finding out more about the amazing city, check out our Top 12 Tainan Attractions! I hope you enjoy these pictures of Tainan.

old chinese man

old chinese cook
Taiwanese Fortune Teller
Cooking Danzai Noodles

watching chinese opera

chinese opera singners
Watching Taiwanese Opera
Taiwanese Opera

museum of literature, tainan

chinese building
Tainan Museum of Literature
Martial Art Academy

confucius temple roof

confucius temple roof
Confucius Temple
Confucius Temple - Roof

confucius temple roof

chinese roof
Guard on a roof
Roof Decoration

chinese architecture roof

chinese dragon
Confucius Temple
Chinese Dragon

chinese temple

chinese wall
Great South Gate
Great South Gate Wall

chinese painting

incense burner
Old Chinese Painting
Incense Burner

wufei temple, tainan, taiwan

old chinese painting
Wufei Temple
Wufei Temple


chinese lion
Fahua Temple
Lady Linshui's Temple

chinese tower

koxinga shrine, tainan
Tower by Fahua Temple
Koxinga's Shrine

chinese ceremony

taiwanese chinese ritual
Burning Joss Money
Joss Money Ovens

koxinga statue, tainan

confucius tablets
Koxinga's Statue
Confucian Tablets

chinese painting

chinese mandarin
Lady Linshui
A Mandarin

chihkan tower, tainan

Chihkan Tower
Chihkan Tablets

god of literature
Chihkan Roof
God of Literature

chinese temple roof

Official God of War Temple
God of War

ying and yang sign

chinese puppet with hat
Tao Sign
Giant Chinese Puppet

taiwanese temple

inside taiwanese temple, tainan
Chinese Temple
God of War

matsu temple, tainan

mazu image
Matsu Temple
Goddess Matsu (Mazu)

incense burner

chinese court
Matsu Temple
Matsu Temple

chinese praying

burning joss money, tainan, taiwan
Taiwanese praying
Burning ghost money

banyan tree, tainan

chinese arch
Banyan tree - Confucius Temple
Matsu Temple - Anping

colorful chinese dragon

taiwanes girl and man
Chinese Dragon

taiwanese statue, tainan

chinese opera picture
Taiwanese Opera

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