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Taichung Travel and Transportation

Quick facts about Taichung travel:

  • Taichung Airport is 20km away from the city center,
  • the HSR station is 8km away from Taichung, in Wurih,
  • Taichung Train Station is right downtown and most buses have offices around that area.

taichung train station

Important Note! The best place to get information about Taichung travel and transportation is at the Visitor Center in the main train station. The staff is super friendly and they have good English maps. Also check out our Taichung Travel Map where you can see the main bus stations.

Getting Around

Visit Taichung, Travel By Bus

The city bus station in front of Taichung train station has buses to pretty much anywhere around the city. When you exit the train station, walk across the square, and wait by the side of the main road. You don't have to cross the street. The station across the road is a different one. Usual fare: around NT$25

List of buses you can take around the city from the square...

Art Museum 71, 75, 89
Science Museum 22, 35, 38, 45, 48, 70, 71, 77, 83, 88
Dakeng 1, 2, 8, 15, 16, 21, 31, 66, 68
Jingming and Dalong 5, 72, 81, 89
Yizhong Street 1, 5, 14, 15, 16, 21, 25, 29, 61, 71,
Feng Chia 5, 22, 33, 35, 37, 45, 68, 79, 81, 125
Nova, Hotel One 72, 79, 81
Donghai University 10, 33, 68, 83, 88, 103, 147

Other bus stations are scattered around the area, but I recommend you stick to the one right in front of the train station. It's the only place where you'll find real good English service.

From HSR station to:
  • Taichung Airport: Bus #69
  • Taichung Train Station: Bus #82, 101

Fun Taichung Travel - Get your own scooter!

rent a scooter in taichungRiding a scooter is the best way to get around the city. UNI Company will rent you one for NT$350/day. International driver's license and A.R.C. (resident visa) required. Their office is just behind Kuo Kuang Bus Station, next to the train station.

Rent a Car

Taichung is the biggest city in Central Taiwan and it's a popular base to explore the area and destinations like Sun Moon Lake, Hehuan Mountain, and Lugang. Renting a car is a safer option then riding a scooter. Find out more information about price and availability for car rental in Taichung here.

Getting There And Away

To/From Taipei (Taoyuan) Airport:

Free Go Bus Company has regular buses to the airport in Taoyuan for NT$270. They leave from Chaoma area and Shuangshi Rd, near Taichung Park. If you take the taxi, just tell the driver: "Fay Go Bus" and he'll understand.

chao ma taichung bus

Taichung Train

You can take a train from Taichung to all the big cities around the island. If you want to go all the way to Hualien or Taidong, you'll have to change train in Taipei or Kaohsiung.

There are 3 kinds of trains:
  • Tze-Chiang (fast, most expensive)
  • Chu-Kuang (2nd-fastest)
  • Fu-Hsing (slow, not as comfortable)

Taichung to Taipei Fare and Travel Time

Train Class
Travel Time

From Taichung to Kaohsiung, expect similar prices and travel time.


You're in a rush? Take a taxi to the HSR Station in Wurih (about NT$200), jump on the "bullet" train and travel at 300km/hr to get to Taipei or Kaohsiung in 45 minutes for about NT$600.

taichung hsr

By Bus

Kuo Kuang Bus Company, right next to the train station, has buses to Taipei (NT$260), Kaohsiung (NT$250, Tainan (NT$150) and to many more cities on the west coast.

kuo kuang bus company taichung

UBus, on the corner of Jianguo and Zhongzheng Rd, across the train station, has similar routes, and fares. Their main station is on Taizhong Gang Rd, on the way to Donghai.

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Ubus taichung

Ho Hsin Bus Company has the most comfortable buses on the island. They are also more expensive.
Taipei (NT$380), Tainan (NT$150), Kaohsiung (NT$380). Catch one of their buses in Chaoma Area or at their office on Shuangshi Rd.

travel taichung

Chaoma is an area, on Taizhong Gang Rd, close to Highway #1, where most bus companies have offices. Convenient to catch a bus to Taoyuan Airport at Free Go Bus Company.

By Air

Taichung Airport has international flights to Hong-Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and to few other Asian destinations. UNI Air and Mandarin Airlines have flights to Taipei, Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu, and Taidong. Contact a travel agent to get more info on these flights.