Taichung Organic Food Stores Map

Find the best health stores in Taichung City

If you are looking for healthy, fresh, organic food in Taichung City, you'll find the following map helpful and you may want to bookmark this page now for future reference. 

Leezen Organic Stores 里仁有幾食品

Leezen Organic is one of the biggest health food shop chain in Taichung and they have branches in every district around the city. Each store has a nice selection of locally-grown, certified organic, fresh vegetables. Also available are some fruit, nuts, healthy imported oil, rice, quinoa, flour, dried beans, dried fruits, tea, coffee, and other locally-made specialties like kimchi and miso. You can check their official website here, and a list of all their locations around Taiwan on this page.

Leezen Organic Store in TaichungLeezen Organic Store on Xueshi Road, not too far from China Hospital

Organic Garden 正直村有機園

The ORANGE markers on the map show you where to find branches of Organic Garden. This company is not my favorite, simply because their products are not very well organized, their stores are not well maintained, and overall I don't feel there is a lot of care into the whole operation and service side of things. I won't even share their website, because it's a pathetic mess. BUT, they do have great organic, healthy food and products, and it may be just fine for you if it's close to your house.

Organic Garden TaichungOrganic Garden store on Chong De Road in Beitun District

Lohas Village 樂活村

My personal favorite organic store in Taichung is the Dongxing branch of Lohas Village. I like shopping there a lot for the simple following reasons:

First of all, the ladies working there are so friendly, even adorable! Every time I go, they follow me around with a basket, and ask if I need help with anything. Even though they know I speak Chinese, they try hard to speak English. Another reason I appreciate this place is they always tell me what just arrived today, what are the freshest veggies available. They also ask questions as to what I will cook, what dish I will prepare with what I buy. They are genuinely curious and interested about their customers. To me it just shows that they care a lot. 

There are only two branches in Taichung City, one downtown on Dongxing Road and the other in Beitun District, on Changping Road. PURPLE MARKERS on the map.

Lohas Village Organic Store on Dongxing Road

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