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Taichung's Best Korean Restaurant

The Yellow Crane on Dongxing Road

This Korean restaurant in Taichung is our favorite. Like many of the restaurants we unveil on this website, it's a place waiting to be discovered. They don't have a million dishes, but everything we've tried so far was delicious. They don't have English menus but the waitress is quite fluent in English.

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Things we love about this Korean restaurant:

  • the outgoing Korean waitress (yes, only one),
  • their excellent appetizers (specially the kimchi),
  • the beautiful Korean pictures on the walls,
  • No MSG in their dishes.

Unmissable Dishes:

  • Pork wrapped in lettuce (la xiang tun rou) NT$250
  • Spicy kimchi soup (paocai la tang) NT$130
  • Seafood crepe (haixian jianbing) NT$200

Address: 354, Dongxing Rd, sec 2
Open Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Tel: 04-24737865

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