Taichung Department Stores

List of shopping malls in Taichung City

mitsukoshi department store taichung  新光三越Mitsukoshi Mall - 新光三越

There are six main, big department stores in Taichung City. They are:

  • Sogo
  • Mitsukoshi
  • Top City
  • Chung Yo
  • Tiger City
  • Park Lane (Cheng Pin)

The red pins on the following map shows you the main shopping malls in Taichung.

All these shopping malls offer high-end designer / fashion items such as clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and sunglasses from brands like Chanel, Armani, Luis Vuitton, (except Tiger City and Park Lane)  as well as cheaper stuff from more affordable brands - for the rest of us!

I'm not a department store fan, I actually hate shopping if it's not at an outdoor traditional market, or if I don't really need to buy anything.

But sometimes, you just can't escape it... you gotta go to find that one thing that only a specific store might have. Or maybe there's a good movie showing... or the food court is calling your name...

top city department store taichungTop City

Here's a list of stores and places I keep going to again and again at shopping malls around Taichung:

  • Sogo: none
  • Mitsukoshi: the only movie theatre in Taichung which has real popcorn, FNAC for books and electronics, supermarket at B1 or B2 level
  • Top City: food court, City Super supermarket, Din Tai Feng restaurant
  • Chung-Yo: bookstore
  • Tiger City: movie theatre (bad popcorn though)
  • Park Lane: Starbucks with a nice view on the Green Belt, iStore, bookstore, Uniqlo

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