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Important note about Sun Moon Lake Hotels and Resorts

The big question you should ask yourself once you've made the decision to go to Sun Moon Lake, in Nantou county, is where to sleep. The one advice I can give you, no matter what kind of accommodation you're going to get (luxurious hotel, motel, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast) is to book your room as soon as you know your travel dates because Sun Moon Lake is one of the busiest resorts in Taiwan and it does get really packed on weekends and holidays.

Let me repeat it: Making a hotel reservation in advance when traveling to Sun Moon Lake is crucial! You can check availability and prices for accommodation at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan here.

Where to stay around Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan?

There's quite a few towns in the area that have accommodations. Some hotels and resorts are right by the lake, and some are further away and require that you have your own transportation. I would recommend that you get lodging right by the lake so you can take a walk at night and have more options for restaurants and shopping.

There are two villages located near Sun Moon Lake. One is called Shuishe Village, on the northwestern side, and Itashao Aboriginal Village on the other side of the lake. Both have cheap and high-end accommodations, but I personally have a preference for Shuishe Village for its vibe and the walking paths that surround it. You can travel between both villages by public bus (cheap), or by ferry (a bit more expensive, but great for pictures).

Camping at Sun Moon Lake

There is also a campground near Sun Moon Lake where you can pitch your tent for about NT100 per night. It's also possible to rent camping equipment there, but it's pretty dirty and old. Better you bring your own stuff.

Getting to the campground...

To get there from Shuishe Village, head south on road 21, towards Shuili and turn left on a little country road past the first tunnel. It's about 10 minutes away from Shuishe Village by car or scooter. You cannot get there by public transportation, unfortunately.

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Have fun at Sun Moon Lake! Enjoy your trip around Taiwan!

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