by Alex
(Vancouver, Canada)

Hi there,

I am a Canadian citizen and am planning/hoping to visit Taiwan for around 3 months minus a couple days so about 88 days. I was given a 60 day single entry visitor visa which makes no mention of extensions just that I may not work with the visa which is no problem.

My question is if I am rejected for a visa extension from the consular affairs office do you think I would be able to leave the country, come back and use the 30 day visa free? I don't plan on breaking the rules of the visa so I am hoping this is an option if I am rejected for whatever reason.

Also, when I enter the country would it be problematic for me at the airport if my return flight is past that of my visas expiration? At this point changing my tickets return date is no problem so just want to know before its too late.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Alex,

It shouldn't be a problem to go to Hong Kong (or anywhere else outside Taiwan) and get a 30-day visa-exempt permit when you get back here.

As for the ticket, I don't see why it would be a problem. It's the people at Vancouver airport who might say something... Just let them know what you intend to do - the Hong Kong visa run - and they should understand.

I hope this helps! Good luck with everything!


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