Pizza Rock Restaurant Hsinchu

The only restaurant in the city which has real thin-crust, stone-baked, Italian pizza!

pizza rock vegetarian pizza - the hippieOne of our most popular pizza on our menu - The Hippie!

My wife and I opened Pizza Rock restaurant in Hsinchu in 2015 with some of her wonderful friends. This was our 8th branch in Taiwan, and our first pizzeria in the Hsinchu area. We decided to open by the technological park, so we could offer pizza delivery service to the hundreds of high-tech factories in the area. The decision to open a Pizza Rock restaurant there was the best in the world - to this day, our Hsinchu branch is one of our strongest in Taiwan!

pizza rock restaurant hsinchuPizza Rock Hsinchu during our grand opening

Our Menu at Pizza Rock Hsinchu

Our pizzeria in Hsinchu City serve Italian style, stone-baked, thin-crust pizza, as well as the following items:

  • grilled panini sandwich (prepared with our home-made Italian bread)
  • baked pasta (Italian penne, available with either tomato or Alfredo sauce)
  • Ceasar salad, Greek salad
  • minestrone soup
  • bread sticks
  • chicken drumsticks 
  • imported / local wine and beer
  • imported soft drinks
  • creme brulee
  • brownies
  • coffee and tea
pizza rock caprese paniniCaprese Panini

What's special about Pizza Rock?

One of the big differences between our pizzeria and other pizza shops is that we prepare 95% of our food in our own kitchen at each branch. I know this might sound very obvious, but in Taiwan it's not. Most restaurants buy ready-made products and items from suppliers or central kitchens and simply add water to powder, shake, microwave or re-heat, and serve. 

We DON'T do that at Pizza Rock. We only serve fresh food! We don't even have microwave ovens in any of our stores. We cut veggies all day long, make our bread and dough with the most expensive flour available in Taiwan, wash everything with filtered water, and we make all our food with obsessive care, dedication, and LOVE! Customers can feel it, and that is why they have rewarded us by making us become the fastest-growing chain of pizza restaurant in Taiwan!

See how I started Pizza Rock restaurant with my wife Ruby in 2011. You can read our story here!

pizza rock hsinchu baked pastaItalian Sausage Baked Pasta with havarti, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese

Pizza Delivery Service in Hsinchu

We offer fast pizza delivery service in the Hsinchu area. The minimum required order is 500NT$ for a distance of up to 2km from our restaurant. If you live further than 2km, the minimum purchase required is a bit higher. Please give us a call today to order your pizza (or pasta, panini, salad...) at (03) 577-5705!

Info About Pizza Rock Hsinchu

251 Guangfu Rd, Section 1, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
(03) 577-5705
11:30pm - 21:30pm  (Last Call 最後點餐: 21:00)
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More pictures from our pizzeria in Hsinchu

italian restaurant in hsinchuMy first customer on our grand opening day!
pizza rock hsinchu waitressesRuby with her friend and partner
hsinchu pizzeria rock themeAll our restaurants have a rock and roll theme - with real rock music!
pizza rock zhubei taiwanMy friend and partner Light gets some pizza sauce ready!
pizza rock pizzaioloKete, our secret weapon - The Master Pizzaiolo! She really rocks!

We hope you will visit us soon!

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