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My Top 30 Photos of Taiwan!
A 10-year compilation of my personal favorites! Travel pictures taken around the island. Cities, hiking, temples, culture, attractions, portraits...
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Photos of Ancient Chinese Culture
Chinese dragons, lanterns, opera, religion, festivals, calligraphy, painting, superstitions, parades, Taichi...

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25 Pictures of Chinese Traditions Yanshui Fireworks Festival, Sanxia, Taiwanese Weddings, temples, funerals, Tomb Sweeping Day, Birthday of Confucius...
50 Pictures of Tainan City
The former Taiwanese capital has an impressive array of ancient monuments, delicious food, and some of the oldest temples on the island.
tainan photo picture
33 Pictures of Chinese Dragons
Photos of Chinese dragons in temples, museums and memorials around Taiwan. Chinese dragons images, sculptures, murals...
chinese dragon photo image
25 Pictures of Taiwanese Culture
Images of traditional Taiwanese festivals, Chinese ghosts, Chinese people, Tainan, Taipei, religion, holidays, night markets, betel nuts...
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15 Landscape Pictures of Taiwan
Mountains, beaches, forests, jungles, waterfalls, flowers... See why Taiwan really is a top travel destination in Asia!
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35 Pictures of Hsinchu City in northern Taiwan. Photos of Hsinchu's East Gate, Dong Ning Temple, the old train station, food stalls, the old moat, restaurants, hotels... hsinchu city travel
Chinese Wedding Traditions
A photo album of Chinese wedding customs, ceremonies, and receptions in Taiwan! 30 pictures of traditional Chinese weddings in Taiwan.
chinese wedding
Chinese Temples - 30 Pictures
30 stunning photos of Chinese temples in Taiwan. Temples have a very important place in Taiwanese society. Some say there are 8000 temples in Taiwan.
chinese temples
15 Pictures of Hualien City
Hualien, along Taiwan's East Coast, offers incredible surfing, hiking, cycling, and photography opportunities. See why Hualien is my favorite destination in Taiwan!
chinese temples

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