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35 Pictures of Hsinchu City In Taiwan

Hsinchu (Xinzhu) Photo Gallery

Hsinchu City, in northern Taiwan, has some fantastic attractions! If you are planning to visit Hsinchu, make sure you take the time to walk around the old train station to check out the colorful Chinese temples and have a bite at one of the many good restaurants or street stalls. One day should be enough to visit most of the sights around town.

I hope you'll enjoy these pictures of Hsinchu!

golden chinese god
A Chinese statue in a small temple, downtown Hsinchu.


chinese woman burns ghost money
A Taiwanese lady burns ghost money in front of her shop.


green chinese dragon of heaven
Temple decoration depicting a Chinese dragon of heaven spitting water on earth. Changhe Temple, Hsinchu.


red angry chinese god of war
Chinese god of war, Changhe Temple


chenghuang temple hsinchu city, northern taiwan
Chenghuang Temple's front entrance, Hsinchu City.


chinese people praying in a chinese temple
Taiwanese people pray at Chenghuang Temple


downtown hsinchu, taiwan
Commercial buildings in front of Hsinchu train station. The area around the train station is packed with hotels, restaurants, shops, temples, museums and bars.


travel hsinchu city taiwan
Right outside the train station, downtown Hsinchu, Taiwan.


hsinchu train station
Getting off the train in Hsinchu.


ancient chinese architecture sculpture
Picture of a very, very ancient Chinese wooden sculpture above the door of Zheng Family Shrine, in the northern part of Hsinchu city.


chinese gods dance
Photo of two young Taiwanese men dressed as Chinese gods for a special ceremony at Chenghuang Temple, Hsinchu City.


beautiful, young, sexy, taiwanese girl
Ruby patiently waits for me at the main entrance of Hsinchu's Confucius Temple while I take pictures and ask questions to the locals.

crazy chinese god
Giant puppet of a Chinese god, Dongning Temple

chinese guard god in temple
Picture of a Chinese guard, Dongning Temple


chinese signs and street
Picture of a street in downtown Hsinchu


bizzare chinese food
Weird (and delicious) Chinese snack!


chinese door god
Colorful Chinese door god


colorful chinese lanterns in temple
Chinese lanterns in a temple


chinese door guards in temple
Two Chinese door gods protect Changhe Temple's entrance.


face painting chinese god
A Taiwanese boy is getting ready for a parade outside Chenghuang Temple.

chinese funerals
Chenghuang Temple

taiwanese snacks, food stall
Food stall outside Chenghuang Temple


chinese temple wooden ceiling carved
Colorful wooden ceiling inside Chenghuang Temple


painting of a colorful chinese dragon in a temple
Painting of a Chinese dragon


blue face chinese god
Face of a Chinese god


chinese crowd of people
Food stalls in front of Chenghuang Temple


beautiful chinese chenghuang temple, taiwan
Chenghuang Temple


east gate, hsinchu, taiwan
Picture of Hsinchu's East Gate, near the train station


crazy chinese man
A Taiwanese man performs a bizzare ritual outside Dongning Temple.


fat chinese golden buddha
A statue of a Chinese Buddha, Dongning Temple


ghost money burning
Ghost money oven outside Dongning Temple


begging monk outside a temple in taiwan
A monk sits outside Dongning Temple.


old city moat in hsinchu
Picture of Hsinchu's old moat


hsinchu travel pictures, taiwan
Photo of Hsinchu's city center


dongning temple, taiwan
Image of Dongning Temple in Hsinchu

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