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Travel Photos of Taiwan

Discover Taiwan through 20 pictures of the most popular travel destinations!

These photos of Taiwan were taken between 2000 and 2012. I shot most of these images with a Canon 20D and a 17-70mm Sigma lens.

longdong taiwan climbing
Longdong is the top place in Taiwan to practice technical rock climbing. It's got about 2km of very solid sandstone cliffs right next to the Pacific Ocean. This rock climbing area has both sport and trad climbing routes. It's only an hour away from Taipei City, near the coastal city of Keelung.


fulong beach taiwan
Fulong has the closest beach to Taipei City. It's located along the Northeast Coast of Taiwan. This photo of me and my wife Ruby was taken on a winter day, so as you can see, it's possible to get awesome weather year-round in Taiwan.


taiwan mountains
Taroko National Park has high mountains, raging rivers, one of the world's deepest gorges, a natural hot-spring, and spectacular waterfalls. If you're not into any of these things, you might be interested in the aboriginal culture, food, and art of the region. Taroko is one of the top five touristic destinations in Taiwan for people who are into photography. Wether you want to take pictures of mountains, people, wildlife, or flowers, you will be more than served here, so bring all your lenses and your tripod.


green island taiwan
Not many people visit Green Island (Lyudao), and that might just be the reason why you should plan to visit this small island that's located in the Pacific Ocean, a couple of kilometers away from Taitung City, in Southeastern Taiwan. This photo was taken near Tapaisha Beach.


climbing yushan jade mountain taiwan
This is a photo of Taiwan's tallest peak - Yushan - or should I say of me and my friend Mathieu at the top of it. Yushan (Jade Mountain) is a few meters shy of 4000m and it offers one of the most exhilarating climbs I've done in my life. Actually, it's not a technical climb - it's more like a long hike that takes you through beautiful forests where you can see some of Taiwan's oldest trees.


sun moon lake taiwan
This is a picture of Taiwan's biggest lake - Sun Moon Lake. It's located in beautiful Nantou County, in the central part of Taiwan.The number of visitors who travel to Sun Moon Lake has never stopped increasing since I moved to Taiwan in 2000 and it's now difficult to peacefully enjoy this natural paradise even on weekdays. Weekends are always packed with billions of tourists who come from China. It's sad... it used to be a really nice destination for hiking and cycling.


chinese lantern painting
Lugang has a very long history and it is reflected in its traditional Chinese architecture, ancient artwork, and even in the food that's sold throughout the city. It's one of the many places on the island where you can get yourself a very typical Taiwanese souvenir such as this beautiful paper lantern.


big statue of buddha taiwan
Visit Baguashan to take a photo of Taiwan's most iconic Buddha. Many travelers make their way to this part of Changhua County as a side trip from Lugang.


jiufen taiwan
Jiufen is famous for it's narrow little streets which cling to a steep mountain side, sweeping ocean views, tons of special snacks, and fantastic hiking. Photographers claim it's the best place to take pictures of the sunrise in Taiwan.

photos of taiwan
Danshui - a busy river town not too far from Taipei City - is a former military outpost and has a couple of good historical attractions such as Fort Santo Domingo.


ancient chinese temple in taiwan
The Penghu Islands are situated in the strait between Taiwan and Mainland China. It's a popular summertime destination where you can swim, surf, kite-surf, and eat some of the best seafood available in the region. There are 64 islands in the Penghu Archipelago. If you are a temple lover or if you appreciate old architecture, you'll love this place as it is packed with some of the oldest shrines in Taiwan.


old chinese temple in taiwan
Tainan - the oldest city on the island - is also rich with historical relics, narrow streets, and ancient culture. Tainan is my favorite place to take photos of Taiwan's traditional rituals and ceremonies.


photos of taiwan
One of the reasons why Maolin is a great destination to visit is because there aren't many people who know about it. Why? I don't know. This recreation area is about an hour away from Pingtung City, in southern Taiwan. Some of the sights and activities you can enjoy there are a butterfly valley, tall waterfalls, hot springs, a high suspension bridge, and the Rukai aboriginal culture.


taiwanese girl
Kenting is undoubtedly in the top 3 travel destinations in Taiwan. The area offers hikes, beaches and surf, museums, hot springs, and even a bit of archeology. Kenting National Park is located at the southern tip of the island. You can visit Kenting any time of the year but be warned that weekends and holidays are packed with hordes of tourists.


kaohsiung taiwan
Kaohsiung is a modern, bustling harbor city that's located in the southern part of Taiwan. With a population of just under 3 million people, Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan. Here, you can visit museums, walk along the charming Love River, take pictures of temples, eat seafood at night markets, and even play golf!


taipei city photo
My dad and I in Taipei City - Taiwan's busy capital. Taipei has everything! Wether you want old or new, you can find it. Loud or quiet, international or local, expensive or cheap... you can find it all here. Don't believe the people who tell you that Taipei is just a crowded, polluted, and chaotic megapolis. The city has plenty of beautiful spots where you can spend some quiet time to stroll around, read a book, have a coffee, or window-shop.


photo of taichung city taiwan
Taichung, the big city in the middle part of Taiwan, is where I have been living since 2000. The weather is the best on the island, the expat community is growing by the day, the variety of cuisine is endless, and the locals are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet.


hiking in taiwan
Hehuanshan (Mountain of Harmonious Hapiness) is the most accessible alpine area in the Central Mountain Range. From here you can go for short day-hikes or week-long treks. It is located in Taroko National Park.


highway 11 taiwan Highway 11 stretches between Hualien City and Taitung, along the East Coast of Taiwan.

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For those of you who want to take travel photos in Taiwan you should know that it is absolutely appropriate to take candid shots of people. This rule used to be different when I first got here, but nowadays, since everyone is taking photos of everything around with smartphones and DSLRs, you won't get angry looks from people you "shoot".

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