Nunchuk Cafe in Taichung

NUNCHUK, a unique urban coffee house situated in the heart of Taichung City, Taiwan, EAST meets West...

nunchuk cafe in taichung
Nunchuk Cafe in Taichung is a cross between an urban coffee house and a creative space.  We like to call it "SOCIAL LUBRICATION" for the masses where everyone is welcome to enjoy our gourmet coffee, great food and fresh baked goods.  We combine visuals on our big screen with great music to create a very unique yet highly creative ambience.  If you want to chill or be creatively stimulated NUNCHUK is the place for you.  As we sometimes like to say "we are serving a lifestyle".

nunchuk cafe taichung 

We offer the following at NUNCHUK: 

Fresh baked goods that include (but not limited too) homemade cookies, brookies, scones, rice krispy treats, banana bread & creme brulee, BLT on multi-whole grain bread with homemade honey dijon mustard, sugar cured bacon, romaine lettuce & fresh tomato's / vegetable straws as a side dish, ceasar salad with homemade ceaser dressing, homemade croutons, romaine lettuce, parmasean cheese, sliced almonds, homemade sugar cured bacon & freshly ground cracked pepper, granola with fresh yogurt, fresh bananas, cashews, fresh honey & dried cranberries.

cafe in taichung, nunchuk

Coffee offering...

All the traditional coffees you can think of from Espresso to cappuccino, to latte, Irish coffee, drip coffee selection from around the world, from Ethiopia to Panama (changes bi-weekly), hot chocolate that we import from NYC, and much more.

nunchuk coffee house taichung

A little about the space...

Every 2 months we switch out the art work, and bi-monthly we change the vinyl art work in the curated space. We have a small library of unique design books and we carry several periodicals such as WallPaper, I-D MAG, Vogue, GQ and Warp Magazine (Japanese version).

Nunchuk has outdoor seating and free WiFi.

Open Hours

Sun-Wed - 12pm to 11pm
Fri & Sat - 12pm to 12pm


No.13, Alley 13, Lane 285
Zhongxing Street, West District
Taichung City, Taiwan

Phone Number:

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