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Doing an MBA in Taiwan

Information About MBA Programs in Taipei

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Information About MBA in Taiwan

MBA in Taiwan?! Thinking about doing your MBA in Asia? You should definitely consider Taiwan as a potential place to study for a Master of Business Administration.

Advantages of doing an MBA in Taiwan?

Taiwan has some of the top universities in Asia and life here on Formosa is fantastic. Each year, more and more students come from all around the world studying for an MBA and live in Taiwan for the following reasons:

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Taiwan is very cheap when compared to other developed Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. Taipei City is more expensive than most other Taiwanese cities, but it's still affordable.

Freedom of Speech
You don't have to worry about what you say like you would have to in China. You can express your opinions freely, even about politics, history, and other sensitives topics.

No Internet Censorship
There's a lot of research involved when doing an MBA, and the internet is the first place where most students get information. Do an MBA in China and forget about complete access to the WWW. In Taiwan, there is no such thing as online censorship.

Taiwan has one of the most interesting culture on earth and is the only place when you can still witness traditional, classical, Chinese customs.

The Great Outdoor
Doing an MBA in Taiwan will surely bring you some headaches, a lot of homework, and a bit of stress. Don't worry, Taiwan's accessible mountains, forests, and ocean are always close by so you can refill your batteries on weekends.

Which Universities in Taiwan
offer MBA programs?

National Taiwan University (NTU - Taida)

NTU offers both a Global MBA, and Executive MBA programs.

National Taiwan University (referred to by the Taiwanese as Tai-Da, a shortening of the Chinese "Taiwan Daxue"), or NTU, is and has been atop the list of all of Taiwan's universities for a long time. The campus of NTU is in central Taipei, and is the ultimate goal of most of Taiwan's aspiring students.

This Taiwanese university also serves as a Mandarin Chinese School and has a vast and increasing number of foreign students both at the undergraduate and research levels. For your MBA at National Taiwan University, you can choose to have classes in either Chinese or English.

10F - Building I
College of Management,
No. 85, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Get more info about this MBA in Taiwan at NTU.

National Chenchi University

NCU in Taipei, Taiwan offers both two-year full-time, and part-time programs for their International MBA course. Concentrations for this MBA in Taiwan are International Business, Marketing, Finance, and Management in Asia. All classes are in English.

College of Commerce
No 64 - Chinan Rd, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan

Find out more about this MBA course in Taiwan.

National Chiao Tung University

NCTU's MBA program is given at their College of Management in Hsinchu City, in the northern part of Taiwan, about one hour away from Taipei City. Many students decide to do their MBA in Taiwan in Hsinchu because the cost of living is much cheaper than in Taipei.

National Chiao Tung University - GMBA Office
1001 Da Xue Road,Hsinchu, Taiwan
Phone Number: 886-03-571-2121

Find more information about this MBA program here.

You can also do your MBA in Taipei at the following universities:

Find out more about MBA programs in Taiwan

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