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Lugang Restaurants and Food

The taste of traditional Taiwan!

Finding a place to eat isn't a challenge in Lugang (Lukang). There are restaurants, markets and food stalls (tons of them) everywhere around the main touristic areas. Sample some of the best spots around town with us! As usual, we'll only introduce you the places we truly like and go back to again and again.

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Chinese and Taiwanese Restaurants

Chiau Wei Shian
This small traditional-looking restaurant serves one of the most flavorful bowls of squid noodles we've had in Taiwan for only NT30. The sour sauce they add to it is surprisingly delicious!
Address: 388 Zhongshan Road, Lugang, Changhua County
Tel: 0932-542937
Open Hours: 9:00am to 7:30pm

squid soup

Japanese Restaurants

Ying Shan Japanese BBQ
Meat lovers need look no further than this lovely restaurant. Ying Shan serves sumptuous meals at reasonable prices. Seafood Hokkaido hot pots and spicy side dishes are also available.
Address: 240 Zhongshan County, Lugang, Changhua County
Tel: (04) 7763563 Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:00am to 12:00am

japanese BBQ

Tea Shops and Cafes

Yi Gu Zhai
The reason you're here: the rice powder tea. Wooden tables/benches are set in a warm, old Shanghai style decor where classical Chinese music is usually played.
Address: 6 Putuo Street (old street), Lugang

chinese tea

Snacks and Cakes

Ding Shi Fu Muaji Store
Busy little place specializing in Taiwan's most famous sweet: muajis. The glutinous rice cakes are made by Taiwanese girls right in the middle of the shop. Cool to watch! A box will cost you NT180.

Address: 376, Zhongshan Road, Lugang, Changhua County
Tel: 04-7756452

muaji glutinous rice cake

Steamed Buns
Lugang's steamed buns are dangerously delicious. The cooks here seem to have doubled, even tripled, the amount of mushrooms to fill in these tasty little balls. Our favorite place is right outside Longshan Temple. You can't miss it, it looks like a steam room.

muaji glutinous rice cake

Shrimp Monkeys
Shrimp Monkeys sound scary, look scary and taste... gooooood! Really, they are delicious. They're just shrimps fried with basil. You'd need to twist your imagination real hard to see anything "ape" in what you eat. These are super cheap and can be found in front of Matsu Temple.

muaji glutinous rice cake

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