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Chinese Gods, calligraphy, dragons, vibrant religious traditions

lonshan temple in taipei taiwan

longshan temple in taipeiVisiting Longshan Temple is a great way to feel like you are removed from the city life throughout the rest of Taipei. I have visited more than 100 temples in Taiwan, and to this day, Longshan Temple in Taipei is still way up there at the top of my list of favorites.

While there are many temples in the city, Longshan Temple is one of the largest and most famous, and brings with it a lot of the old Chinese traditions that are hard to find elsewhere in Taipei.

Traditional shops, folk, Chinese medicine herbal vendors and other institutions populate the surroundings of the temple. Blind masseurs can also be found.

longshan temple taipei taiwanTaipei's Longshan Temple is home to lots of calligraphy and poetry and many bronze and wooden sculptures of various figures and important characters in Chinese mythology.

Longshan Temple's charm is that it's not a tourist destination exclusively. People genuinely go there to pray, pay respects and ask for advice from the deities that it houses. Longshan Temple in Taiwan's capital is technically Buddhist and dedicated to Guanyin, the Buddhist deity associated with compassion. However, it is home to many others and worshipers visit for individual purposes.

Bottom line: Take the convenient MRT to Longshan Temple, take in the 19th century Chinese architecture and art, look at various calligraphic poems, and browse the surroundings for a multitude of folk Chinese wares.

Information about Longshan Temple, Taipei

Where it is: No. 211 Guangzhou Road

MRT Station: Longshan Temple MRT Station

How to say it: long shan si 龍山寺

How much: Free

When to go: 5am-10pm daily

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