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Kenting Hotel Reservations

You should make your Kenting hotel reservations at least 2 weeks before you plan on traveling to this wonderful part of southern Taiwan.

I have made the mistake of not booking my accommodation in Kenting way too often, and every time I get pissed off because I end up spending more time looking for a room then enjoying the sun and the beach. You can make Kenting hotel reservations here.

Is it always essential to reserve a hotel in Kenting in advance?

You don't have to worry too much about booking ahead of time for hotels in Kenting if you go during the week (between Monday and Thursday) outside of the peak season (June to August). Chinese New Year doesn't apply to this rule, obviously.

How can you get hotel deals in Kenting?

Hotel reservation websites such as HotelsCombined.com often offer the cheapest prices for accommodation in Kenting. If you don't reserve online and decide to shop for a bed when you get there, then you should bargain as hard as you can.

I always try to cut the price by at least 10% when I stay at hotels throughout Taiwan and Kenting is no exception. This might be harder on weekends and during the high season, but you should never accept the first price they tell you.

It's ok to bargain for everything in Taiwan, so don't be shy!

What are the best hotels in Kenting?

3 hotels that always get outstanding reviews are:

Yoho Landis Beach Club

kenting hotels

Fullon Resort Kenting

taiwan kenting hotels reservation

Howard Beach Resort

kenting best hotel

Relax Easy Guesthouse

Another fantastic place to stay is a quiet BnB near Jialeshui called Relax Easy. You can check out this guesthouse in Kenting here.