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Kaohsiung Hotel Discounts

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kaohsiung-hotel-discountsI have traveled to Kaohsiung many times over the past ten years and have had the chance to stay at different kinds of accommodation in various parts of the city.

When looking for a hotel in Kaohsiung, one of the most important things to consider should be the location. There are many cheap, budget hotels and guesthouses located outside the city center, but you might find yourself bored to death because there's simply nothing to do there. Also if you have to take the taxi to get to the interesting parts of town, you'll end up spending money that you could otherwise spend on food, or a better hotel room.

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Facts about hotels in Kaohsiung:

  • Luxurious, 5-Star Kaohsiung hotel rooms are usually cheaper than in Taipei City.

  • The cheapest hotels in Kaohsiung can be found in the area near the train station. Note that this part of town is quite loud, even in the middle of the night.

  • Love motel rooms located outside Kaohsiung city come with a private parking space (garage), so this is your best option if you are traveling on a big bike or expensive car and you're worried that it might get stollen.

Where to Find Kaohsiung Hotel Discounts?

If I were you, I would look for Kaohsiung hotel discounts in the central part of town, either close to the train station or by the Love River. Another area worth considering is the lively Liuhe Road, where a busy night market comes to life every night.

The best advice I can give you to find hotel discounts in Kaohsiung City, in southern Taiwan, is to book your room in advance. Not only you'll get a better price, but you'll also be assured to have a place to stay when you arrive. I've spent way too much time walking around with my backpack hurting my shoulders, looking for a room, only to be told that the hotels were fully-booked.

Reserve in advance, especially on weekends and holidays.

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