Just wanted to say 'kudos'.

by Ann

Just wanted to say 'kudos'. I'm an American now living in Singapore who lived in Taiwan for more than 13 years. You've really captured the essence of the island and the oh-so-many inspiring things to do there. It truly is an underrated destination. Excellent job.

Two things I just thought of. When I was there I was involved in the local arts scene. Very lively. There were some really amazing modern artists and sculptors, both local and foreign transplants. Checking out small galleries, going on studio visits, or doing a day workshop with an artist are great ways for visitors to experience art that's a world away from the treasures in the National Palace Museum yet clearly draws on this heritage.

One other thought, have you ever stayed in one of the monasteries? It's an enjoyable way to get away for a meditative weekend. I stayed at Lion's Head Mountain. Very, very, very, simple accommodations and food, but such peaceful surroundings and no other tourists. Just some kids sent there by their parents to prep for exams. May have all changed by now, but I hear there are other monasteries where visitors can stay for an authentic old-Taiwan experience.

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