Important Links!
Information About Taiwan

If you are planning to travel to Taiwan and Taipei, make sure to bookmark this page of links in your browser or on your smartphone to get fast and easy access to the most updated information about Taiwan. 

The 3 Essentials:

Weather | Air Quality Index | Taipei Times 


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: 42 Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes all over Taiwan. MUST BOOKMARK!
High-Speed Rail (HSR): Timetable and fares
Taiwan Bus:  Lists of bus companies and routes by city
Kuo Kuang Bus:
Public buses to most cities around Taiwan

Waterfalls, Camping, Hiking

Pashan: Scott Kelly's hiking site
Neil Wade's Hiking Posts: Itineraries and photos
Taiwan Waterfalls: Waterfalls / hikes 
Follow Xiao Fei: Waterfalls, lakes, hot springs
Taiwan Camping: Camping information


Taiwan News: English news, culture, society, economy, travel articles
China Post: English news (right / blue / KMT-friendly)
Taipei Times: English news (left / green / DPP-friendly)
Focus Taiwan: yet another English news website


Neil Wade's Photography Blog: Travel, Hiking, Adventure, Culture
Craig Ferguson: Stunning photography of diverse aspects of Taiwanese culture and people
Synapyicism: Photo-blog, document-style photography of historic and abandoned buildings, temples, old Chinese architecture

Travel & Culture

The View from Taiwan: Micheal Turton's really excellent blog about culture, politics, and travel. A must!
Popular Taiwan Old Streets: Guide to the most famous Old Streets in Taiwan

Living in Taiwan

591 Real Estate / Rental: The best website to find listings for rental apartments and studios, as well as house, land, and apartments for sale. 
Kimo Yahoo Auction: buy and/or sell second-hand stuff
Ruten Market Place: same as Kimo Auction, but with more options