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Hotels in Tainan City, Taiwan

Hotels in Tainan are quite easy to find if you stick to the main tourist area in the downtown part of the city.

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As usual the cheaper accommodations will be found around Tainan train station. Some of those budget hotels don't even advertise online and can't be found in guidebooks.

Finding cheap hotels in Tainan around the train station is quite easy as most of them have English signs. The are a couple of very affordable hostels / guesthouses right across from the train station. I know, the building looks quite scary from the outside, but you should still take a look if price is your main concern.

Nicer, quality boutique hotels in Taiwan have started to appear throughout the city in recent years and the best place to find deals and discounts is on this website.

Here are some of our favorite Tainan Hotels:

Let's start with the nicest, classiest hotels of them all...

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel - 5 Star

tainan hotelThis international deluxe hotel offers all the services and amenities you would expect from a prestigious place like the Shangri-La. Located not too far from the downtown area, it is conveniently located within walking distance to many of the main sights in Tainan. You will like the large rooms, tasty breakfast, and big swimming pool. Other activities include: fitness room, massage, beauty center, golf course, sauna, spa, jacuzzi, fishing (yes, even fishing!)

This 5 star hotel in Tainan, Taiwan has free parking (obviously), and there's also a free airport shuttle from the hotel.

Check room prices and availability for the Shangri-La.

Dynasty Hotel Tainan - 4 Star

hotel in tainan taiwanThis quality lodging in Taiwan has a great location! From the train station, it's only a 5-minute walk. I spent a night there last year and I remember the service was excellent, the rooms were clean, there wasn't any disturbing noise at night (which is something hard to find in this part of Tainan. You won't get busy here during the day and even at night, there are tons of temples, some museums, lots of food stalls and restaurants, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. On the downside, there is no pool, but they do have a nice gym. Parking is available behind the hotel.

Look for discounts, make a reservation at this hotel.

Goog Ground Hotel - 3 Star

tainan accommodationIf simplicity, safety, and comfort are high on your list of priorities while choosing a hotel in Tainan City, then you should seriously consider Good Ground Hotel. I have slept there in the past and was totally satisfied by what I got. My room was clean, I had a nice bathtub, the staff was helpful and the breakfast was good. The coffee was just OK from what I remember, but that is pretty usual for three-star hotels in Taiwan. You won't get too much in terms of facilities and activities at this accommodation, but as they say, you get what you pay for. It is quite close to the main attractions in the city.

Check availability and book your room now!

Li Sir Hotel Tainan - 2 Star

This is one of the cheapest business hotels in Tainan. It's alright, but won't make you feel like you've landed in a Chinese palace. The building and the rooms are starting to show their age, and it's located a bit out of the main area where all the touristic spots are. It's a cheap place to stay, that's all!

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