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Booking hotels in Kenting can be difficult if you're heading there during busy periods such as weekends and special holidays. It is also harder to reserve accommodation in Kenting during the summer.

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The longer you wait...

Like all the other popular touristic resorts in Taiwan, the golden rule is to book your room as soon as you know your travel dates. The longer you wait, the least options will be available.

Where are the hotels in Kenting?

Kenting can be many different things... There's Kenting Park, Kenting Town, Kenting Beach, Street, Night Market... On this page, I will introduce lodging options for the whole area that is between Hengchun and Jialeshui, past the southern tip of Taiwan.

If you want to be close to the action (shopping / night market / restaurants / activities / nightlife / bars) you will want to get a hotel in Kenting town, along the main road. You should know that noise can be a problem along that strip, especially if you get a room that faces the street.

What kind of accommodations are available in Kenting?

Kenting has places to sleep for all budgets. Wether you want to stay in a luxurious 5 star resort with a swimming pool, at a budget hotel / guesthouse, or bring your own tent and do some camping on the beach, you won't be disappointed - Kenting has all this!

5 Star Hotels and Resorts in Kenting

Howard Beach Resort

Chateau Beach Resort

Ceasar Park Hotel Kenting

Mid-Range Accommodation in Kenting

Chinatrust Kenting Inn

Oh Ya Boutique Motel

Cheap Kenting Hostels / Bed and Breakfasts

Hawai Style Hotel

Sweet Hale Jialeshui

Camping in Kenting

Many camping spots can be found around here. My favorite campground is the one at Baishawan (East of Hengchun). It's around NT$100 per person if you sleep at the official campground, and it's free if you pitch your tent right on the beach.

Bigger, more commercial campgrounds are located on the road (left side) that goes south from Kenting towards Jialeshuihui. There's also a campground, that gets really crowded on weekends, next to the lighthouse at the southern tip of the island.

Where can you check prices and availability for Kenting hotels?

The best place to read Kenting hotel reviews, find deals, and make reservations is at HotelsCombined.com. Over the years I have found that they have the biggest selection of accommodation in Taiwan, and their booking system is easy to use.

How will you travel to Kenting?

A very important factor to consider when choosing your place to stay in and around Kenting is transportation. If you're taking the public bus, make sure your hotel is in Hengchun or Kenting Town - the two places where the buses stop. If you've got your own car, ask your hotel staff if they have parking space as finding a spot to park a car can be a real problem on weekends.

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