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Hotels in Hualien, Taiwan

Find the best hotels in Hualien, Taiwan!

I always use HotelsCombined.com for reservation of boutique, spa, and tourist hotels in Hualien. This website has the biggest listing for cheap, mid-range, and luxury accommodation in Taiwan. Find offers, deals, discounts, read reviews, check prices, rates, and make your booking today - don't wait til the last minute to get a room in Hualien City.


I was in Hualien last weekend and I had to look for a hotel for more than 2 hours. I got so pissed off and impatient that I just booked the first one that was available. And it wasn't such a nice room and I paid way more than I should have. I remind people all over this website to book accommodation in Taiwan ahead of time, and I didn't do it. Do make a reservation in advance for your room in Hualien. Don't waste your precious travel time looking for a bed like I did.

Here are some hotels in Hualien, Taiwan, that I highly recommend:

accommodation in hualien taiwanCharming City Hotel

Byeyer Hotel

Chateau de Chine

Lienfook Hostelry

Debonair Motel

taroko hotelsMarshal Hotel

Azure Hotel

East Coast Hotel

Classic City Resort

Lige Hotel

The tourist visitor center at the Hualien Train Station and airport also has lots of information regarding bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, motels, and cheap youth hostels in Hualien County. The people who work there are very friendly and can help you to call hotels to check room availability and prices.

If you plan on calling a hotel, or simply showing up there without having made a reservation in advance, I recommend you try to bargain before you agree on a price for your room. Bargaining is always accepted in Taiwan, even when shopping for accommodation. I always cut the price for my rooms. I usually ask for "da jiu ze" (10% off) and it usually works.

One thing you should know is that many websites will list hotels that are located in Taroko Gorge National Park as being in Hualien. The Gorge is actually north of Hualien City and it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach by car. If you are using public transportation, the nearest train station to Taroko is in Xincheng, near the entrance of the gorge.

Tourist Attractions Near Hualien City

Yilan: Great hiking, decent surfing, very close to Taipei City, delicious seafood, some boring museums

Taroko Gorge: world-class scenery, aboriginal culture, one of the best road-trip destination in Taiwan,

Jiaosi: hot springs, waterfall, real tourist trap but still OK when the weather's fine

Dulan: Great beach, good surfing in the typhoon season, Saturday night live music at the old Sugar Factory

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