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Finding a hotel in Taichung is a straightforward affair... if you're looking for moderate or top venues. The city has, indeed, a wealth of midrange and upper-end hotels that are fully up to international standard. These more expensive accommodations are mostly found in the new downtown area, along Taizhong Gang Road.

hotel in taichung

Backpackers, on the other hand, will have more difficulty locating cheap guesthouses. Taichung's hostel scene doesn't even come close to Taipei's. It's pretty pathetic actually. The grimy train station area is still - unfortunately - your best bet to find cheap hotels in Taichung. We'll do our best to introduce you the good ones...

Budget Accommodation

Fuchun Hotel - NT$530 and up

fuchun hotal in taichung

This hotel is conveniently located across from Taichung train station, right in the middle of the busiest part of town. Clean rooms. Friendly owners. S/D NT$530/980
Tel: 04-22283181
1 Zhongshan Rd, Central District - map


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