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Hotel Cosmos Taipei

3 Star Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan


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Info About the Hotel Cosmos in Taipei

Address: 43, ZhongXiao W Rd., Section 1, ZhongZheng District

Telephone Number: (02) 2311.8901

Rates: Cosmos offers a lot of room types, Single rooms from NT$3,500; double rooms from NT$4,300; "Family Triple" and double-queen bed rooms from NT$4,800; suites up to NT$10,000

MRT: Taipei Main Station

Nearby Attractions: 228 Peace Park, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, XimenDing Pedestrian Shopping District

Facilities: Spa services, conference rooms, business center, barbershop, flower shop, 12KTV rooms, safe deposit room and travel services

I'm hungry: The Cosmos Hotel houses four eating establishments - Cantonese Dim Sum, "JiangZhe" Chinese cuisine, Lily Cafe and even an Italian Gelato shop.

More About the Hotel Cosmos in Taipei

Located just a couple minutes from the main transportation hub of Taipei - Taipei Main Station - the Cosmos Hotel is in one of the areas of the city perhaps most suited for those of the tourist variety. From Taipei Main Station, it's really easy to get anywhere in the city (or the rest of the island, for that matter) efficiently. Perhaps more importantly, getting from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station is a breeze.

Also, this is an area with some of the most historically interesting tourist spots, such as the 228 Peace Park and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

Taipei's Cosmos Hotel also gives a few quirky services that you might not find elsewhere, such as a barbershop and a whopping 12 KTV (Asian-style karaoke) rooms. If you have a free hour or five, make sure to stop in to these KTV rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. There is also, surprisingly, an offering of Italian gelato (whose consistency is not altogether unlike the Taiwanese version of ice cream).

The Hotel Cosmos Taipei is on the less expensive end of mid-range, and gives you a more local version of things compared to the Western-style hotels that are a lot easier to find on the web or elsewhere.

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